CRM for Banking

Increase your bank revenue while improving customer satisfaction with CRM for Banking

Efficiently target your customers, discover new sales opportunities, and resolve issues on time with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Technology. Connect Marketing, Sales and Customer care, and personalise your approaches and offers.


Retain existing banking customers and attract new ones

Today, bank customers expect you to know their needs, to be treated personally and that you deliver a superb customer experience. 

  • Leverage a 360-Degree View of Every bank Customer (B2B & B2C)
  • Customer retention control – keep your customers happy
  • Optimise and Enable Quicker Customer-facing Processes
  • Use Insights to Improve Sales and Marketing Efforts
  • Make Personal Bankers, Customer Service and Sales Agents More Productive
  • Tailor-made data models and processes designed for Banks
  • Microsoft Security services from a cloud you can trust 
  • Mobile solution allows you to work from anywhere - anytime
  • Applicable to different business models (on premises, cloud, hosting)
  • Meaningful customer profile: a complete B2B or B2C customer overview that provides a comprehensive view of customers from all relevant aspects, perspectives, and different data sources, including backend systems.

    Gain insight into in-depth customer data, streamlined into one single profile for your B2B and B2C clients

    Capture all important customer data via a guided KYC process

    Communicate with the customer via preferred channels presented as visual indicators of communication preferences

    Easily track the chronological history of customer interactions via timeline

    Operate with the customer in accordance with legal regulations, and consult the customer consent register

    Quickly obtain an overview of all customer requests and inquires
  • Visual customer product portfolio: Start with a high-level overview and dive in for a detailed view of all customer products and their lifecycles.

    Keep track of products and services in use via a visual product checklist

    Quickly obtain customer portfolio details integrated with external systems
  • Virtual personal assistant: Your personal customer relationship assistant will provide you with visual alerts for all relevant customer events, key figures, next-best-offer suggestions, and this is just for starters.
  • Sales force automation: Visual and interactive to-do lists, actionable bank card or overdraft renewal reminders, automated interactions with prospects, auto-generated comprehensive meeting briefs and summaries.

    Capture the products that were discussed and and any customer feedback on them

    Automatically convert the customer feedback into the next action a salesperson needs to take to either close the deal successfully, or collect valuable information which can be used later to improve the offer

    Automatically generate a Meeting Minutes document which can be sent to the customer
  • Pipeline management: Create and store leads through all available channels and manage them throughout their lifecycle. Follow and measure your sales efforts with operational and performance reporting designed for sales agents and managers.

    Obtain new prospects from the web, events, campaigns, referrals or import them from external systems and store as leads in the CRM app

    Nurture leads to become your loyal customers via a guided, configurable Lead to Opportunity process, specially designed and integrated with the core banking solution:

    (1) Capture essential information about B2B and B2C prospects in dedicated forms

    (2) Qualify the lead and automatically register the Customer or modify customer data in the core system, via an Application Form and developed API for customer data integration

    (3) Prior to Customer registration or Customer data modification, trigger the Customer Verification process, to prevent collaboration withsanctioned customers

    (4) Automatically create sales opportunities from qualified leads and prepareoffers for the contracting phase

    (5) Trigger approval tasks for branch managers, for offers above the threshold

    (6) Goal management: Apply goal management to track and analyse results against hierarchically structured services and targets. 
  • Sales insights: Increase conversion and win rates by using AI to prioritise the leads and opportunities with the highest likelihood of conversion and purchase. Empower agents to be proactive, rather than reactive, to opportunities and risks.

    Boost up-selling and cross-selling by offering the product that best suits the customer's needs, based on transactions, expiry of bank products, historical data, segmentation results, or business events

    Listen to customer needs and put certain offers on hold by setting a negative for offering feature and capturing the customer’s response.

    Adapt the next-best-offer engine to fit your business needs via the configurable tool
  • Productivity tools: Improve coordination between sales and marketing with cross-team visibility. Streamline sales processes seamlessly with modern mobile applications and tools such as Outlook, Excel, Teams, and SharePoint.
  • Be mobile: Stay on top of sales activities with a mobile sales-driven app that’s always working behind the scenes to streamline work and provide proactive smart suggestions.
  • Case creation automation: Omnichannel support with a single-entry point. Automatically record different types of questions, requests, and complaints, generated through various communication channels.
  • Service-level agreement (SLA): Meet customer and regulatory requirements with configurable SLA definitions and status reports based on internal customer service policies, industry regulator requirements, and have proactive control of your customer satisfaction ratio.
  • Workflow management: Service professionals with any level of experience can quickly progress any customer request such as complaints, inquiries, or questions while using the interactive, step-by-step guided, innovative customer service process for the claim or complaint, which is integrated with a knowledge base and highly customisable case classification and routing rules. Streamline all requests from different channels, platforms, and applications, into one application, then resolve them promptly and measure customer satisfaction.
  • Internal knowledge base: Ensure that your employees know how every business process needs to be completed, which documents the customer has to provide, what these documents look like, where they can be found, what data needs to be included, etc.
  • Interactive dashboards: Empower your employee experience via real-time, user-role interactive dashboards, which enable them to track their daily tasks, overdue activities, and high priority requests. Enhance process monitoring and improve quality decision-making based on real-time interactive dashboards dedicated to process owners, enabling them to gain insight into process efficiency and bottlenecks.
  • Private data management: Configure which attributes are sensitive across all entities using the built in PII engine (Personally Identifiable Information). 
  • Consent register: Automatically store logs for all opt-ins and opt-outs for different consent types and different communication channels.

    Operate in accordance with legal regulations and automatically store opt-ins and opt-outs for different communication channels and consent types in the consent register

    Collect customer consents manually or automaticall
    y via an easy and transparent procedure

    Perform your marketing and promotional activities based on customer consents per channel.
  • Anonymise, archive & delete: A guided, step by step customer anonymisation process (Right to be forgotten), respecting the customer’s privacy whilst ensuring that you are compliant with legal regulations.

    Beinformed in a timely fashion about automatically created anonymisation requests on the dedicated GDPR dashboard

    Manually generate anonymisation requests at the customer’s request,or automatically if all consents are withdrawn

    Use a guided, step by step customer anonymisation process, respecting the customer’s privacy as well as being compliant withlegal regulations by tracking remaining time for customer anonymisation

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