Fast-growing bank boosts client experience by better understanding its customers
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Fast-growing bank boosts client experience by better understanding its customers

3 min read Sep 09, 2019


NLB Bank Belgrade’s mission is to understand its clients and adopt its approach to create the best possible user experience. However, this mission became harder to implement as the bank’s customer base grew, creating a need for effective customer insights and an engagement solution. That’s where a partner-developed solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 was able to help.

Slovenia-headquartered NLB Banka Beograd (Belgrade) covers the entire market of Serbia through its online presence, business network of 28 branches in three regions, and a modern contact center. Having built an enviable reputation for innovation, and focusing on simple but smart banking services, the bank is now one of the fastest-growing players in the local market.

Over the past few years, NLB Bank’s customer base has grown rapidly, creating the need for a proper customer insight and engagement solution. “We had to radically transform our business model to respond to changing market conditions and started to offer new services to our customers via new channels.

- says Sandra Simić, Customer Experience Coordinator at NLB Bank.

During this the process, we realized we didn’t know our clients as well as we wanted to. So we decided to use the best technology we could find to obtain a full, 360-degree view of customers across all NLB Bank channels and interactions, so we could be wherever our clients are and boost their experience and satisfaction.

- continues Simić.


Better insights, more productive campaigns

NLB Banka Beograd has partnered with BE-terna, a Microsoft trusted technology provider in the region, to address these concerns through implementing BE-terna’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 banking industry CRM solution. Initially, this campaign was piloted in one region in Serbia, and then subsequently rolled out to the rest of the sales teams across the country.

For Simić, the key benefits of this solution are the time savings achieved for core business processes, in addition to improved quality of customer insight and engagement, which is very much in line with the bank’s overall philosophy of providing best-in-class customer service.

Before the Microsoft Dynamics 365-based CRM solution was introduced, registering a new customer in our system could take up to ten minutes, as most of the data had to be entered manually. Now, thanks to the use of a special ID card reader, the registration process takes a maximum of two minutes, improving customer experience as well as reducing significantly the probability of human error inputting the data into the system. Additionally, the 360-degree view of our customers allows us to perform client analysis three times faster and obtain deeper visibility and insights into our promotional campaigns, significantly improving the effectiveness of these campaigns.

- Simić confirms.

As a next step, the bank plans to fully integrate the newly implemented CRM solution and standardize it across all of the company‘s marketing, sales, and client servicing processes―thereby achieving an even more consistent and continuous improvement of customer experience and satisfaction.

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