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We simplify and accelerate your production and logistics processes as well as all your commercial workflows to ensure you stay in the fast lane. Implement even the highest automotive manufacturer quality standards with ease using our industry solution. 

Stay in the fast lane

Our solution for suppliers to the automotive industry supports you in the following areas in particular:

  • Compliance with the range of process requirements
  • Integration of common VDA and Edifact formats
  • Efficient order management using EDI
  • Keeping manual entries to a minimum
  • Management of load carriers and packing instructions
  • EDI supported incoming goods
  • Planning and managing production 
  • Warehouse management based on mobile end devices
ALPINA Burkard Bovensiepen GmbH + Co. KG

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Learn more about the medium-sized family business from the Allgäu region, that will in future rely on a BE-terna and the D365 BC-based industry solution for the development, production and distribution of its exclusive cars and wines. 
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  • Processing of all common VDA and EDIFACT and other message formats using the EDI converter. 
  • Incoming and outgoing messages, e.g. credit notes, invoices, delivery notes, delivery schedules, and so on.
  • Support for non-automotive formats (e.g. ORDERS).
  • Support for OEM-specific processes: PUS (Opel), PUO (Valeo), time discs (Porsche), pearl chain (Audi), trailer load (MAN).
  • Automatic filling of the load carriers according to packing instructions. 
  • Consi processing with arrival and departure reports and stock reports.
  • Test criteria and workflows such as frozen zone during LAB release.
  • Cockpit functions for process management.
  • Transparency thanks to straightforward account reconciliation at the end of the month with record of outbound and inbound postings. 
  • Integrated item structure for load carriers.
  • Option to deposit alternative packaging instructions for each item and customer.
  • Empties acceptance and empties return with personal receipt.
  • Mapping of triangular relationships.
  • Overview of items, quantities and delivery dates.
  • Volume and weight calculation with simultaneous preview of the required load carriers.
  • Automatic creation of goods issue documents for available items.
  • Management of the items in containers (packaging structure) in stock.
  • Scanner-supported stock movements (also according to FIFO).
  • Distinction between credit, production and customer packaging.
  • Overview of load carriers.
  • Repacking orders, if goods are not in customer packaging.
  • Electronic order processing in accordance with VDA and EDIFACT and transmission of planned figures to suppliers using call-off (EDI or email). 
  • Flexible response to customer order planning with a one-to-one transfer to your suppliers.
  • Posting of incoming EDI delivery note. Quick, fast and secure incoming goods design.
  • Support for consi processing.
  • Agreed credit note procedure or receipt of the invoice data transmission.
  • Management of external services and supplies.
  • Dynamic delivery schedule analyses with detailed future forecasts.
  • Change statistics for delivery schedules with adherence to delivery dates and quantities.
  • Simulation of ranges for articles and assemblies.
  • Fully integrated order forecasts based on artificial intelligence.
  • Bottleneck analysis with alternative supplier recommendation.
  • Highly scalable process analysis and workflow visualization.
  • Process Mining with process optimization proposal.

An ERP system tailored to the automotive requirements of suppliers greatly facilitates audits with OEMs.

Veit Stößel, Gubesch Group
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All of the processes that were once divided into sub-systems are now mapped out in the Automotive solution – with no redundancy in sight.

Sami Mzali, A.A.F. Project Manager
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