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Data Integration

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Data Analytics

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Valued Added Products

  • Self-Service Discovery and Visualisation.
  • Conversational Analytics and Natural Language Processing
  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Custom & Embedded Analytics
  • Mobile Analytics
  • Enterprise Reporting and Distribution
  • Sophisticated, intelligent alerting
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Deployment ready in minutes
  • Easily scalable across your organisation 
  • Unified AI-powered analytics hub
  • Qlik Sense Business to support departments and small teams
  • Qlik Sense SaaS to support flexible analytics across your organisation 
  • Multi-cloud deployments covering various possible scenarios
  • Freeform Associative Exploration
  • Dashboarding / Guided Analytics
  • Advanced Data Preparation
  • Broad Data Connectivity
  • Empower users with conversational, natural language analytics insights
  • Available through Qlik Sense, Slack, Skype and Microsoft Teams
  • Provide a quick and easy way to ask and answer questions
  • Allow users to seamlessly move between conversational and visual analytics
  • Enhance data literacy and data-driven decision-making at all levels
  • Create reports in popular formats including Microsoft Office – such as Power Point, Excel and Word
  • Create professional-grade reporting in advanced layouts through a Pixel Perfect library
  • Leverage existing data models and visualisations from Qlik Sense and QlikView
  • Centrally schedule, generate, and deliver custom reports through multiple channels
  • Deliver far more than simple notifications based on KPI thresholds
  • Create self-service alerts directly in Qlik Sense
  • Proactively identify outliers and anomalies with advanced statistical calculation
  • Provide self-services and centrally managed alerting
  • Deliver alerts through a variety of channels, such as email or mobile app
  • Deliver alerts to users based on the data in Qlik Sense
  • Collate all the core Qlik Sense HTML5 capabilities to provide and optimise the mobile experience
  • Run on different chipsets and operating systems
  • Provide full collaboration among users even when no connection is available
  • Deliver the power of Qlik Sense on top of the BlackBerry Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform
  • Create maps using automatic geo-data search
  • Quickly show cartographic information
  • Access, visualise and analyse any existing geospatially related data and applications via mobile devices
  • Record postal codes, incl. map coordinates
  • Connect to data sources such as spreadsheets, XML and web pages with existing QlikView and Qlik Sense
  • Extract data from ODBC, OLE DB or REST compliant data sources using Qlik's built-in connectivity
  • Build your own connector using Qlik technology
  • Support all common Google tools such as Analytics, AdWords, AdSense and more
  • Straightforward automation of the data transfer

BE-terna's consultants were able to make Qlik Sense more accessible to us at DPD Austria in a practical way with concrete use cases.

DPD Austria
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Qlik BI tool helped us move from reactive to proactive and even to predictive analytics.

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During this project, the consulting team of BE-terna has shown how maximum success can be achieved through close cooperation - with different suppliers and external consulting firms. The tool's extensive visualisation capabilities and the intuitive ability to easily analyse complex relationships were the decisive arguments for us.

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Qlik has really changed the way business decisions are made within the Elixir Group. Compared to previous methods, all data is now available with just a few clicks.

Elixir Group
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