We don’t just fill roles

We're supporting your life role. 

We believe in - Our core values


Every team member's feelings, wellbeing and happiness is important to us, and we are passionate about keeping an eye out for each other. We love to see each other succeed, so we support our colleagues fully in reaching their development goals.


We value the people around us and encourage them to be themselves. We recognize the unique contribution and skills every person brings to the table. Mutual respect and appreciation help us build strong and successful relationships that last. 


Whether we are dealing with colleagues, customers or partners, we live up to our promises and take responsibility for our actions. We treat the people, the communities, and the environment around us with respect, while also making it a priority to drive sustainability. 


We focus on goals that matter deeply to us, then commit our full energy and enthusiasm to making them happen. We encourage each other to look at challenges from new perspectives and keep our minds open to different approaches. 


Innovation is the engine of our long-term business success, so we question existing approaches and actively look for improvements. We aim to get better every day, so continuous learning is a part of our lives.

Customer success

Everything we do is focused on the success of our customers. We commit to leading them to solutions that meet their long-term business needs, so they can find new successes in the future. 


Together we foster strong relationships built on equality, and we embrace opportunities to hand over important responsibilities to each other. We treat each other fairly and recognize that, sometimes, making mistakes is the only way to improve and learn. 

This is your story

Use all the opportunities we give you to tell the story you want to tell.

Love talking to bats or saying hello to the sunrise? If it gets the job done, we don't care. 


You keep improving You.


Just go and do it, we’ve got your back.

Career growth

There will always be a next step.

Language courses

Learn to say “Wanna go for a beer after work?” in a different language.

Amazing parties

The time and place where legends are born.

Amazing co-workers

Be prepared to make connections that will last you a lifetime.


Jobs for Students!

You want to combine your knowledge from the lecture hall with practical experience? Apply now for an internship, student job or write your thesis with BE-terna.

Student Jobs - Apply now!

Recruitment Process

Dream teams are made up of individuals who are encouraged to be themselves.

Our recruitment process not only involves finding people who are a perfect fit for our team, but also includes giving candidates the opportunity to find the right fit for them. 
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