BE-terna Banking Customer Engagement solution identified as Microsoft’s preferred solution for banks!

BE-terna Banking Customer Engagement solution identified as Microsoft’s preferred solution for banks!

3 min read Feb 23, 2022

Last year BE-terna joined the Microsoft ISV (Independent Software Vendor) Cloud Embed program, which acknowledges our dedication to building domain-specific vertical solutions. Our Banking Customer Engagement Solution tailored for the Banking Industry, built on top of Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, puts BE-terna on the map, and on the radar of banks worldwide.  

What does this Microsoft Banking award mean to existing BE-terna customers?

This recognition conveys the message that BE-terna is here to stay and will continue to grow its industry capacity and potential further. Our customers, or better to say – partners, play a crucial role in this process. BE-terna will continue to listen to and observe our partners' needs and incorporate them into the product development roadmap, utilising growing Microsoft platform technical capabilities. 

What does this Microsoft Banking award mean to potential BE-terna customers?

One word - Reliability. By choosing BE-terna and its solution, identified as Microsoft's preferred solution for banks, customers can make a safe decision and a get a reliable partner on their business transformation path.

What does this Microsoft Banking award mean to Microsoft?

One of the goals that Microsoft has envisioned is to ensure that only certified applications, which meet a specific quality bar are part of the ISV ecosystem available through AppSource. This gives customers confidence that any ISV app on AppSource is a Microsoft-certified app and partners like BE-terna are a key part of this process. Microsoft has a proven and reliable go-to partner for all banking-related needs and initiatives in this particular example.

Why has BE-terna received this Microsoft Banking award, and how many companies have received one globally?

To gain this recognition, BE-terna had to meet high standards and prerequisites set by Microsoft. This means, among other things, that:

  •  The Dynamics 365 solution is tailored and prepared specifically to address the banking industry's pain points and needs
  •  BE-terna’s Banking Solution has undergone detailed analysis by Microsoft business and technical experts
  •  Customers have confirmed BE-terna’s know-how and implemented solutions on multiple successful projects.

How long did it take for BE-terna to get this award, and how many people worked on the solution?

This award is the culmination of many years of hard work, investment, learning, and getting to know the banking industry, along with its challenges, needs, and aspirations for further development. We have learned and grown through many projects, thanks to our clients who have trusted us and recognised that we are a partner who can help and support them in the long run on the path of digital business transformation. The team has grown over the years from 3 initial team members to the current 14 and counting, making us one of the most significant industry-focused implementation teams in Europe in the field of Dynamics 365 CE.

What are the future plans for the BE-terna Banking Solution?

Our existing and potential customers can be absolutely certain that BE-terna will continue to build and expand capacities and services delivered for the financial industry. BE-terna has chosen financial services as one of our key strategic industries, thus enabling the team and the product to further mature and develop. By utilising industry know-how and Microsoft’s technology stack, the BE-terna Banking Solution will continue its modular growth to support the core functions of banking processes while providing flexibility and scalability for our customers.

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