Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Build a successful workforce and workplace 

Take better care of your people and create an organisation where people and business can succeed with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources. 

Enhancing the efficiency and employee experience

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources is a complete and innovative solution for Human Resource management. Advanced functionalities support you in managing the entire employee life cycle and enable acceleration and simplification of the recruitment process, automation of administrative activities, and efficient management of the development and benefit plans. Additionally, each Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources functionality is supported by advanced analytics that enables you to make data-driven and people-oriented decisions.

Make your business thrive with a high-powered HR Management tool

Solve your HR challenges and create an organisation where people and business can succeed. 

  • Task management supported with automated processes and workflows
  • Self-service portal for team managers and employees
  • Performance management that covers employee journals, goals, and reviews
  • Training and certification tracking that motivates employees to grow
  • Payroll integration service with any 3rd party vendor payroll solution
  • HR program optimisation of benefits, compensation, compliance, leave and absence
  • Advanced technology with Microsoft Azure Cloud, Common Data Service, Power Platform and so much more.
Future-proof Workforce
Top Emerging Trends that Will Shape the Future of HR
  • Rich employee profiles that help you to reach the right co-workers according to their career accomplishments, skills, certifications, and interests. 
  • Employee Self-service portal helps employees manage their profile updates, performance tracking, goal setting, training, certification tracking, and time off – all requests, leave and absence tracking in one place.
  • Manager Self-service portal where key workforce changes can be initiated without requiring HR assistance. 
  • Employee performance reviews and journals that help your employees to identify growth opportunities and potential areas of improvement without affecting employee-manager relations, and keep them motivated by providing a track record of their progress, achievements, along with their unique career goals and opportunities. 
  • Team performance details help managers monitor team growth and performance in a way that allows them to make an impact, react at the right time, and address any immediate concerns or help to optimise teams. 
  • Guided learning and training where management can track employee progress.
  • Mobile experience that connects people and data anytime, anywhere.
  • Leave and absence management helps you ensure accurate data entry and reduces time spent on compiling spreadsheets.
  • Compensation programs with variable and fixed plans of salary, awards, bonuses etc. depending on the success of the individual or the company. Plans can easily be created and adjusted individually, in a group, or at a company level, together with embedded analytics. 
  • Benefits management with a flexible, configurable self-service enrolment tool that allows you to transfer benefits to different employee groups and hierarchies.
  • Bulk changes for a team or the entire organisation in one place with one click.
  • Deliver payroll, budgets, and tax filings by integrating a payroll provider such as Dynamics Business Central, or any other 3rd party app. 
  • Reduce organisational complexity with smart administration that accurately reflects organisation structures, multiple organisational hierarchies, personnel records, and job descriptions together with history records. 
  • Improve productivity and efficiency with automated processes, workflows, and task management.
  • Personalise the solution to your needs through an intuitive and customisable interface that allows you to add or hide fields, change layouts, and share with others.
  • Effortlessly customise and extend your solution anytime, regardless of your level of technical expertise, while you grow with Microsoft Power Platform.
  • Improve workforce planning with the help of Power BI that brings together all your data, then analyse and visualize it on any device and make decisions confidently.
  • Common data service securely stores and manages data recorded from any internal or external data source or business application, which reduces the complexity of your data combining integration.
  • Skill-gap analytics helps you to align workforce skills with rating models, specific job skills or even business needs.
  • Identify employee sentiments with Microsoft Forms Pro surveys that capture your employees’ valuable feedback instantly with custom or ready-to-use templates. 
Future-proof Workforce
Top Emerging Trends that Will Shape the Future of HR