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Don't wait for the knowledge to come, look for it! Our data experts are ready and waiting to lead you and your team through engaging and interactive onboardng sessions that include personalized learning plans, coaching, theoretical knowledge and hands-on exercises. 

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Welcome to our BE-terna DA & AI onboarding program

We offer comprehensive learning resources and consulting services to build data fluency skills across your organisation. Our onboarding program is modular and it consists of assessment, interactive online courses, expert-led trainings and customized onboarding.

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How to Convert Data Literacy into Fluency

As the first step, we want to hear your expectations regarding our onboarding program. As the second step of this process, we want to assess the knowledge of your employees and offer them personalized training recommendations

We organize a 1:1 meeting to evaluate your knowledge in terms to set onboarding program goals.

Online courses

These courses are tailored for each trainee. During this period, we track your progress, and you can go through these online courses at your own pace – anytime and anywhere.

Expert-led trainings

Through this training, we implement your acquired knowledge into practice. We work in small groups and give you hands-on exercises. During these sessions, you can directly ask questions to our trainers.

Personalized onboarding

In this final phase, we solve real-case scenarios in your company with our trainer. You can ask questions to our trainers, we organize weekly Q&A sessions and give recommendations regarding new.

Where Organizations Stand in the Data Fluency Spectrum

Who is onboarding program for?

Data fluency is becoming increasingly important in many job positions across industries. As organizations rely more on data to drive decision-making and gain competitive advantages, employees who can work effectively with data are in high demand.

Here are some job positions that need data fluency and get onboard:

Data department

BI & Reporting Professionals
Analytics Professionals
Business & Data Analysts

Technical department

Data Architects
Junior and Senior Developers
Data Engineers

Business department

Middle management
Controlling department
Phase 1

Interactive online courses

Our online courses are video-based and supported with reference guides and quizzes. 

They cover topics from data fundamentals to foundational analytics, data-informed decision making and advanced analytics.

Depending on the position and skill level of the employee, we will create personalized development paths for each employee. 

You, as a manager or team leader, will have the opportunity to monitor the progress of their skills at any time.

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Phase 2

Expert-led trainings

These instructor-led trainings will provide you hands-on exercises and you will get a chance to implement your aquired knowledge into practice.

You will work in small groups and have a possibility to directly ask questions to our trainers.

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Phase 3

Personalized onboarding

Our onboarding program is based on the foundations set in the previous workshops (expert-led trainings). The aim of this program is to apply the aquired knowledge in practice, as well as to solve real scenarios and challenges in your company with the help of our personal trainer.

Depending on your company's needs, our personal trainer will be available to your data analytics team to answer their questions, to work together on real-case scenarios, as well as give advice on how to improve some areas of the business with new technology.

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Do you have additional questions for us?

If you have any questions about our courses, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to answer all your questions!

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