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According to McKinsey, BCG, KPMG, and Bain & Company, the risk of digital transformation failure falls somewhere between 70% and 95%. Our business model ensures invincible digital transformation for your business

Key to holistic business growth

Technology-first approach

A technology-first approach refers to a strategy in which technology is at the forefront of the decision-making process, and is used to drive the growth and development of a company. It is based on putting people where they function best: ideating and innovating

This is what we do:

  • We define your gray zone,
  • discover oportunities,
  • find the right solution and
  • take care of implementation. 
Bullet proof digital transformation
  • Boost creativity: Recommended content ideas (text and photo) based on your commands, customer history and your company‘s visual identity.
  • Hyper personalization: Increase engagement with the right message, at the right time and through customers’ preferred channels, real time customer journey (always regulation alignment).
  • Predict the future: Foresee your customers’ next steps by using 1st and 3rd arty data and AI.
  • One-click customer segments: Let AI create new customer segments (or do it manually), discover new potential audiences, and trigger targeted campaigns with just one click.
  • Let GPT do the work: Write in a chatbox what you would like to have done and you will never need to use queries for journeys, segmentations, automations etc again. It sounds like magic, and it is called CoPilot. / It might sound like magic, but it is called CoPilot.
  • Predict sales outcomes: Forecast revenue and monitor performance against set goals
  • Lead Scoring: Use machine learning to identify the most lucrative leads by scanning thousands of data points.
  • Real-time insights: Make data-driven decisions and identify emerging opportunities and threats.
  • Find new sales opportunities: Get accurate insights from marketing campaigns, customer service activities, customer behavior, historical data, market trends, with targeted suggestions. Best practice learning: AI helps you to understand what your top performers are doing right, and suggest sales tips and tricks on how to win more deals from best practices.
  • Impress your customers: Show your customers your competency by knowing every detail about them with AI summaries of customer details from meetings, voice transcriptions, customer history, with web news, etc.
  • Real-time hyper personalization: one-to-one experience by analyzing data to determine the right course of action, managing customer requests from any channel, and handle multiple sessions at the same time in real time!
  • Self-resolve customer complaints: Use AI to diagnose, troubleshoot, and provide assistance with internal knowledge base sources that generate responses from trusted domains.
  • AI-based customer routing: First assist with human-like empathetic GPT chatbots, if additional assistance is needed, AI assigns cases to the best suited agent and according to their availability.
  • SLA and priority handling: ensure priority customer treatment based on SLA contracts, manage and solve all tickets with optimal efficiency, mitigate risks of „forgotten tickets”
  • Let GPT do the work: based on the previous communication or the context, Copilot GPT can draft an email, provide service details, summarize all responses in one answer and order it in steps, etc.
  • Project Planning: Plan and manage your projects using Gantt charts and Kanban boards, connect with issue tracking software through our API interface to effortlessly bill service tickets.
  • Contract management: Ensure accurate contract management with flexibility and control.
  • Resource management and utilization: Match skills to requirements and schedule the right resources to each task.
  • End to end process control – clear overview of the process from initial contact/lead until the final invoice is sent.
  • Time and Expenses: Track efforts and expenses on projects and ensure faster billing and reimbursement.
  • Billing: Maintain control over complex billing processes and rules. 
  • Project Accounting: Manage your project accounting in a more precise way, track costs and recognize revenue while remaining compliant with international financial reporting standards. 
  • Reporting: on every level of the business at any given time.
  • Analytics: With the help of data, statistics, modelling, and machine learning you can predict and plan for future events and opportunities in every aspect of your business.
  • Business profitability: get clear insights into the profitability of your business units or segments by consolidating all relevant financial and nonfinancial data 
  • Project profitability: understand project profitability with integration information from various data sources
  • Sales KPI tracking: provide sales teams with KPI tracking and gain a deep understanding of what drives your sales pipeline by consolidating CRM and other data sources
  • Resource utilization: give your team leaders clear insights into resource utilization and help them understand not only key performance drivers, but also key performance pitfalls from resource and organizational perspectives 
  • Real-time and tailor-made: Access real-time, streaming data for a truly data-driven approach, with tailor-made dashboards and reports that are crafted to fit your business needs.
  • Task management is supported with automated processes and workflows.
  • Self-service portal for team managers and employees.
  • Performance management that covers employee journals, goals, and reviews.
  • Training and certification tracking that encourages personal growth in employees.
  • Payroll integration service with any 3rd party vendor payroll solution
  • HR program - optimization of benefits, compensation, compliance, leave and absence.
  • Bulk changes for a single team or the entire organization in one place with one click.
  • Define sustainability indicators, set goals in line with legislation ESRS and CSRD.
  • Collect accurate and reliable sustainability data using appropriate software.
  • Prepare the report by organizing key data, findings, and integrating qualitative and quantitative indicators to assess sustainable practices.
  • Validate data for accuracy, completeness, and consistency, eliminating errors.
  • Analyze data for trends, compare sectoral and cross-sectoral data, identify areas for sustainability improvement.
  • Publish the report on the company‘s website, communicating key findings, successes in sustainability practices, and incorporating feedback from customers and stakeholders.

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Safely guiding businesses into a hyperconnected future

Bullet proof digital transformation

We enable businesses to succeed in a hyperconnected world with heart and integrity.

Extensive industry know-how

Working with numerous professional services companies all around the globe has empowered us with deep industry knowledge which guarantees the highest quality of our solutions.

The diversity of our customer portfolio gives us an advantage of being able to connect best industry practices and ensuring valued industry benchmarks.

Among our customers are professional services companies that grow organically or through acquisitions, leading tech unicorns, fast-growing startups and many others.

Methodology polished to perfection

Each professional service company is different, but expectations are always the same; efficiency, scalability, reliability and cost-effectiveness. Our proven track record ensures project success with: 

1. Personalized growth opportunities investigation
2. Precisely defined project scope
3. Tangible proof of the project‘s potential
4. Modular and top-to-bottom approach
5. Significant transparency
6. Effective communication, knowledge transfer and employee buy-in
7. Test-driven implementation

Cutting edge technology

Microsoft Dynamics 365: AI-powered business with CRM and ERP business applications that connect your teams, processes, and data.
54 percent of Fortune 500 companies use Dynamics 365.

Power Platform: Set of applications that allow you to automate processes, build solutions, analyze data, and create virtual agents.
97 percent of companies in the Fortune 500 use the Microsoft Power Platform.

Azure: More than 200 products and cloud services. Build, run, and manage applications across multiple clouds, on-premises.
95 percent of Fortune 500 companies trust their business to Azure.

CoPilot - GPT for Business: CoPilot combines the power of large language models (LLMs) with your data, including your calendar, emails, chats, documents, etc.
About 40 percent of the Fortune 100 took part in the initial preview of the product
digitalization consulting services

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Digital advisory is a type of a service providing digital and AI strategy design, and combines aspects like business, technology, people and change management, that turn digital and AI into a source of endless competitive advantage.
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”The BE-terna team has shown great levels of experience and professionalism in supporting our multicountry mission. The proposed solution and approach has helped us to easily support our accelerated growth, increase our efficiency and reduce manual work.“

Timotej Gala, Deputy CEO, Httpool

„Thanks to the BE-terna team and the implemented Dynamics 365 Finance solution, we now have our entire financial reporting in one system, which enables centralized maintenance of tax settings and allows us to develop the same internal processes in 90+ countries with a consolidated financial overview.“

Gregor Potočar, Chief Revenue Officer, Infobip

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