Switzerland’s wage and salary solution

Payroll Swiss: HR and payroll management smoothly done

Manage your personnel data with little effort using the HRM module based on Dynamics 365 F&O and carry out payroll accounting and posting tasks efficiently.   

Full integration in HR processes

Payroll Swiss supports you in your relevant processes for payroll accounting and promotes efficient, timely and demand-oriented HR management:

  • Mapping of all legally required annual or monthly statements for social insurance AHV/ALV, FAK, UVG, KTG and Swiss withholding tax
  • Numerous evaluation options with freely selectable modes and automatic generation of legal statistics such as the job statistics (BESTA), the wage structure survey (LSE), etc. 
  • Automatic transfer of relevant data (e.g. personal master data) from applicant management, project and time recording module for payroll accounting
  • Microsoft 365 integration
  • Swissdec certification
All in one system
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for full integration!
  • Detailed information about children and children’s/education allowance with process control
  • Salary scale (wage categories/pay levels)
  • Wage positions (with the option of date-dependent preliminary recording and history)
  • Percentage and fixed allocation of wage types in terms of financial dimensions such as department, cost centre, cost unit and more
  • Swiss withholding tax: Pay scale tables in accordance with Swiss Federal Tax Administration with functions for automatic reading
  • Multiple payment locations (multiple bank accounts, payment to third parties)
  • Definition of free fields
  • Allocation of wage types (social insurance obligation, Swiss withholding tax, wage statements, wage structure survey and so on)
  • Hourly and daily monitoring (overtime, holidays, military/civil defence, illness/accident)
  • Automatic calculation of overtime premiums
  • Piecework pay, short-time work and bad weather compensation
  • Gross/net calculation (for wage types by amount)
  • Automatic calculation, provision and payment of 13th monthly salary
  • Automatic calculation of insurance contributions
  • Payroll accounting simulation
  • Multiple payroll runs per employee and/or period
  • Automatic posting in financial accounting G/L account 
  • Wage payment file .XML (ISO 20022)
  • Electronic dispatch of pay slips/salary certificates encrypted with IncaMail
  • Self-service (pay slips/pay cards)
  • Master data (HR master data, birthday and anniversary list and more)
  • All statutory evaluations
  • BESTA job statistics
  • Annual payroll account sheet
  • Individual export in Microsoft Excel (Fields freely definable)
  • Work dashboards (current key figures)
  • Power BI Dashboards

  • Organisational management (organisation/jobs/positions)
  • Human Resource Management (applicant management, employee development, course management and more)
  • Integration Microsoft 365
  • Financial management
  • Project management (time and performance recording) 
  • Insurances: old age insurance (AHV), unemployment insurance (ALV), family compensation fund (FAK), compulsory accident insurance (UVG), supplementary accident insurance (UVGZ), daily sickness benefits (KTG)
  • Taxes: Salary certificates
  • Taxes: Swiss withholding tax (monthly)
  • Statistics: wage structure survey
Certifications for Payroll swiss

Quality is our commitment

Dispatch with IncaMail

Payroll Swiss supports electronic dispatch of payroll accounting documents directly from Microsoft Dynamics AX. IncaMail, a service of the Swiss Post, makes it possible. This solution allows you to bypass labour-intensive steps such as printing, stuffing envelopes and stamping letters, which saves time and is more environmentally friendly.

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Payroll Swiss is swissdec-certified. The solution complies with all legally mandated standards stipulated by the Swiss social insurance institutions. 

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The uniform wage notification procedure software (ELM) developed and certified by swissdec regulates and organises the transmission of wage data from the company to the social insurance institutions and authorities.

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