Want to optimize your inventory? – Here’s how AI does it!
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Want to optimize your inventory? – Here’s how AI does it!

1 min read Apr 13, 2021

Supply chains around the globe are becoming increasingly complex. As if all the variables had not been enough, COVID-19 brought an additional uncertainty. At Virtual Analytics Forum 2021, Božidara Cvetković, Lead Data Scientist at BE-terna and Postdoctoral Research Associate in Artificial Intelligence at Jozef Stefan Institute, explained how Artificial Intelligence can help supply chains.

How will AI help within the purchasing process?

The focus of the presentation is how you can leverage data with the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence) so that your stock level is optimized. In the video, you will find out:

  1. What the ordering procedure looks like in the retail and the warehouse - what the differences and similarities are?
  2. What the difference in the procedure is when ordering 600 versus 1000 articles?
  3. How Artificial Intelligence can help Bob. (Spoiler alert: Bob is the purchaser!)
  4. How stock optimization based on Artificial Intelligence works, and, more importantly, why it works
  5. What benefits AI brings to the stock optimization process.

So, there is a thing about the items on the stock… You don’t want to have too many of them, because it costs. You don’t want to have a few either, because that means lost sale opportunities. You would prefer to have your stock level just right, not too high, and not too low – easier said than done. To find out how you can achieve the optimal stock level, we invite you to watch the video »Want to optimize your stock level – Here’s how AI does it« .

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