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Are you good at navigating the data jungle and extracting relevant information?
Do you want to shape the future by working with the digital gold of the 21st century?
If your answer to these questions is "yes", then our data analyst jobs are the right thing for you!


Your impact in Data Analytics & AI at BE-terna

We accompany enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses on their path to digital transformation with our industry-specific solutions, in tandem with our globally renowned partners Infor, Qlik and Microsoft.  

Data collection and analysis is an essential asset for future service offerings and business models. As a member of the Data Analytics & AI team, you help our customers to make data feasible in the context of their business, to make better and faster decisions to stay ahead of the competition.

With your daily work you will enable them to make decisions according to intelligent and in-depth analyses, predicted forecasts and interconnected processes. 


Your role in Data Analytics & AI

As a Data Engineer, you'll construct and maintain data pipelines for seamless data flow. Data Analysts, in their diverse data analyst jobs, extract valuable insights from complex datasets, shaping key business strategies. Data Scientists use advanced statistical analysis to build predictive models, while Data Solution Architects design data-driven solutions aligned with organizational goals. 

Together, these roles drive innovation and strategic decision-making, making a significant impact in the data-driven landscape.

Data Engineer

From models to architecture, you know how to handle data.

As a Data Engineer, you specialize in preparing data for analytical usage. You will be involved in the development of models, platforms and architecture for data processing. Together with experienced colleagues, you take responsibility for quality assurance.

Data Analyst

Extract knowledge from data with dashboards.

As a Data Analyst, you make sense of the data tanks with one- or multidimensional analyses and visualizations. You will help customers gain a clearer understanding of their existing data. By taking care of their business processes and translating these into visualizations, you support customers’ success.

Data Scientist

Conceptualize and implement advanced techniques like machine learning.

As a Data Scientist, you analyze and evaluate the performance of various machine-learning products, features and algorithms. You will build, optimize, and deploy predictive data models using Python or R as the core technology running on different cloud services ranging from Azure and AWS all the way to Google Cloud.

Data Solution Architect

Build better businesses with data-driven solutions. 

As a Data Solution Architect, you are responsible for customer and project development, quality assurance, and you support account management to secure customers' success. You define how the data will be stored, consumed, integrated, and managed by different data entities and IT systems, as well as any applications using or processing that data in some way. 

Embrace togetherness and freedom in your Data Analytics & AI career at BE-terna

Let's be frank: Having experience with SQL, Python, AzureML, AzureDataLake is advantageous in the field of Data Analytics & AI at BE-terna. However, if you're new to this industry, there's no need to worry!

At BE-terna, we believe in the power of togetherness. That's why we provide a robust mentoring program, additional training opportunities, and certificates to kickstart your journey. As a trainee, you'll have an incredible opportunity to collaborate closely with your mentor, engaging in diverse projects. Throughout the process, you'll receive unwavering guidance and support, fostering your confidence to independently tackle your own projects.

Here's the deal: Bring your enthusiasm and motivation, and we'll equip you with the tools to become an expert in Data Analytics & AI.

Are you ready to embrace this exhilarating challenge? 

Take a leap and apply now to embark on your Data Analytics & AI career at BE-terna, where togetherness and freedom are valued above all.

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