Zeiser: The specialist in security numbering relies on efficient data handling
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Zeiser: The specialist in security numbering relies on efficient data handling

4 min read Dec 02, 2020


From simple standard designs and consecutive numbering, to complex computer-controlled systems with check digits - ZEISER offers state-of-the-art numbering machines and contactless DoD-UV-Ink Jet systems for printing alphanumeric characters and barcodes in various sizes on high-security documents such as banknotes, revenue stamps, passports, etc.

Zeiser has set itself the goal of making internal data handling accessible, intuitive, and standardised for all areas of the company. In the past, evaluations were created in the departments themselves, which meant that there was no uniform reporting. In addition, further processing of the data generated by the IBM Cognos TM1 database system was very time-consuming and could only be carried out with the help of their IT department. By introducing Qlik Sense, the employees of the different departments are now able to create and retrieve the reports independently.

All data at a glance with Qlik Sense

The selection process for the right analytics software solution was initiated by the management. Together with BE-terna, an established business software solution provider and expert in data analytics, the company-specific requirements were analysed and market-leading tools were compared. After only two months, Qlik Sense was chosen as the winning solution and the implementation was planned. The business intelligence solution was particularly persuasive because of its flexibility in combining different data sources. Afterwards, the desired reports can easily be created using the self-service functions.

Thanks to the intuitive performance of Qlik Sense, Zeiser's internal BI team was able to build up a broad knowledge of data preparation and reporting after a minimal training period. As a result, all future reporting requirements can be implemented independently after a very short introduction and training period, whereas this used to take several days prior to the introduction of Qlik Sense.

We now achieve time savings of over 80% in controlling, and can analyse more than twice as many of our processes

reports Siegfried Heiss, controlling employee.

Testing, training, and shaping the future with BE-terna

The project started in autumn 2019 with an initial presentation by BE-terna consultants. Siegfried Heiss was enthusiastic about it:

It was astonishing that BE-terna used our data in the presentation. As a result of this, we could directly see what would be possible in the future.

As a result, Zeiser decided to use Qlik Sense in an evaluation phase with productive live data, and the intuitive handling was also a persuasive factor. The first staff training sessions were held just one month later to familiarise future users of the analysis platform with the applications. Since January 2020, Qlik Sense has been actively used by several divisions at Zeiser and has been continuously expanded. The strong scalability in terms of user numbers, administrative processes, source system connections and data volumes is a particular advantage.

Intelligent Data Transformation

Realise the value of your data and grow your business with the power of Qlik.

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Delivery reliability, stock turnover, and order backlogs

Zeiser currently uses several apps directly in Qlik Sense and is thus able to cover evaluations for various business areas. For Zeiser, both late deliveries and excessively early deliveries can result in loss of revenue. With the new BI solution, it is possible to keep a close eye on suppliers' on-time delivery performance by updating the reports daily and thus evaluating the suppliers in this respect. Zeiser can also monitor consumption figures and stock turnover closely thanks to the intuitive reports. In the sales department, ordered stocks used to be recorded manually on a weekly basis using Excel lists. Thanks to Qlik Sense, these are generated daily at the touch of a button, which has significantly reduced the time required and increased the timeliness of the data. Not only is it possible to view the current key figures, but also to compare them with previous periods.

Qlik Sense not only fulfils the requirements of the departments, but management is also enthusiastic about the new solution

says Siegfried Heiss. As a next step, the system is planned to be expanded to include purchasing, and the number of users and thus the number of licenses will be increased.

About Zeiser

Since Mr. Alois Zeiser founded ZEISER in 1955, the company has specialized in the production of high precision numbering systems. In 1991, the company merged with US-based Atlantic Control Systems to form Atlantic Zeiser. In the mid 1990s, with the increasing demand of variable serialization, Atlantic Zeiser added non-impact inkjet technology to its portfolio. The new digital inkjet technology was not only used in the security printing field, but also deployed for card personalization and packaging printing applications. Since 2002, the company has been a part of Switzerland-based Orell Füssli Group, the official printer of the Swiss banknote. After the sale of the digital printing and card business to Coesia SpA, the company is now again focused on supplying the security printing industry with impact and non-impact serialization solutions. In the same course, Atlantic Zeiser was renamed to ZEISER.

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