Gavrilović: Better with each generation with the help of a modern analytics platform
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Gavrilović: Better with each generation with the help of a modern analytics platform

6 min read Jun 19, 2022


With a tradition of 300 years and a deep passion for creating meat specialties, Gavrilović has become one of the leading meat processing companies on the Croatian market. Their mission is to create a recognizable taste and provide consumers with a unique pleasure of Gavrilović, using the highest quality ingredients together with modern technologies and processes. On the way to achieving their business mission, Gavrilović has made the decision to introduce a new reporting platform such as Qlik Sense that will help them to improve their manufacturing planning and financial budgeting

Modern reporting platform for better manufacturing planning and financial budgeting

Introducing a modern reporting platform became one of the priorities a few years ago, since the entire process was becoming slower and slower and required more manual effort. Gavrilović had SAP BusinessObjects BI solution (SAP BO) in place, which covered part of the reporting, as well as an Excel spreadsheet that was widespread across the company. This resulted in low data quality (many people have their version of numbers), and in general gaps in various business processes because the data were not up to date at every moment.

The two key challenges were operational manufacturing planning and financial budgeting; the process started with creating base reports in SAP BO, exporting them to Excel and sending them to an end user, and then importing back to ERP to roll-back raw material needs using bill-of-materials, and finally sending it back again to BI system for reporting purpose.

The decision to change the reporting system was not an easy one, but we took the right step at the right time. In parallel with the implementation of the ERP system, we introduced a new dimension of reporting through Qlik, gained flexibility in data processing and presentation, as well as opened the possibility of applying new technologies in our BI department.

- Kristina Autischer, Director of Business Process Development Sector at Gavrilović

Agile decision making fully based on trusted data and optimised manufacturing processes

There were a few end goals that Gavrilović wanted to achieve with this project, and they can all go under the same topic of introducing agile decision making based fully on trusted data. One of the processes, which was also part of revision, was end-to-end planning process revision. Qlik platform was also used as the central data repository and planning extension was used to input planning data. The second relevant business goal was to optimise manufacturing process while analysing total spent time in each production phase compared to nominal values. This was achieved through multiple data source integration using Qlik platform.

Integrating all our data sources into one system and reducing the number of static reports was the main goal of the implementation of the new BI tool. With Qlik and BE-terna, we got a whole package of additional knowledge and best practice solutions for this case.

- Tomislav Milošić, Business Intelligence and Controlling Department at Gavrilović

With Qlik Sense and K4 Analytics tools, users now have access to all real-time data on just one screen

The core solution is developed on Qlik platform using Qlik Sense self-service solution. Data integration phase (which integrated data from old Dynamics NAV, new Dynamics NAV, SPICA (time space), Excel and K4 Analytics) was delivered also using Qlik platform which was the crucial step in allowing a comprehensive insight into data which come from various data sources. Following that, a few analytical applications for sales reporting, manufacturing analysis and financial reporting were designed. Various analyses were deployed, ranging from raw materials planning, norms analysis and stock insight to sales trend and drill-down analysis. 

The second phase of the project was the introduction of K4 Analytics planning tool which is fully integrated with Qlik platform allowing users to plan, check complete historical analysis and see real-time simulation results all in one screen. End-to-end planning process was covered; quantities, unit price, marketing cost and overhead cost on gl account level.

Intelligent data transformation

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From 10 daily reports to one sheet in Qlik App! The same truth (numbers) for all users!

Prior to introducing Qlik, the sales team had a huge overkill in number of reports (and data) – for example one user had up to 10 daily reports, and after the implementation this data was visible in one Qlik app/sheet delivering also roughly 50% reduction in reports that were not being used. Also, from manufacturing perspective, different users used to come with different numbers (ex. production tons). Nowadays, everyone is looking at the same numbers in one governed application which really increased speed of making decisions.

Gavrilović really made a perfect fit for a successful BI implementation; they had all important puzzle pieces to make that happen, starting from super-strong top management support, proactive and competent middle management and absolutely great capacity in BI and controlling teams.

- Milan Listeš, Customer Landing Manager; Data & AI, BE-terna Group

Let’s solve the challenges of inventory management with state-of-the-art Machine Learning (ML) algorithms!

Successful integration of time sheets resulted in an idea to present estimated work time for each work order directly on big screens in manufacturing, and to deliver tool to increase productivity directly at the core of process. Until now, people in production were mainly reported on historical results which actually didn’t give them a chance to interact with the process in real time.

Another business area BE-terna is currently piloting together with the customer is the use of Machine learning algorithms to better forecast demand and use that data to optimize raw materials order and production planning in general. This process has already been improved with the implementation of K4 Analytics planning tool, but the idea is to better leverage sales forecasting algorithms, and to use that information to create an automated ordering process and ensure lower stock levels and avoid out-of-stock situations.

About Gavrilović

The company is run today by the ninth generation of the Gavrilović family. It is precisely this long-lasting family legacy that distinguishes Gavrilović from all other companies in Croatia, making it one of a handful of such family-owned businesses in the world. The Gavrilović meat-processing company is equipped with state-of-the-art industrial machines and production lines. Gavrilović has more than 500 employees, with over 300 of them employed in manufacturing. All the production lines are in Croatia, which is also the main market for end products, but export also ranges from USA to Australia with the focus on EU-countries.

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