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Superpower your data 
with modern data analytics

Combine all your data sources and get a complete 360° view of your entire business with advanced self-service analytics.

Empower your employees and add value to your business

  • Gain insights into processes and business 
  • Identify new earning potential 
  • Improve operating efficiency throughout your organisation 
  • Provide employees with self-service analytics
  • Eliminate manual report preparation and improve data quality control
  • Create the preconditions for systematic and efficient planning 
  • Solve problems faster and accelerate decision-making at all levels
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  • Consulting workshops and diagnostics
  • Developing your data strategy and defining key gaps
  • Organising cross-functional competence centres
  • Building tailor-made educational programs
  • Industry-specific BI solutions
  • Analysis and self-service BI
  • Standardised reporting and KPI definition
  • BI as a competitive advantage
  • Data consolidation with tailored data warehouse services
  • Self-service analytics development
  • Integration into your IT landscape by building embedded analytics
  • Support services through the whole solution lifecycle
  • Analysing current data-literacy status
  • Creating tailor-made training with industry specifics
  • Supporting education with hands-on analytics applications
  • Working with the management team on key decision-making pitfalls
Together we deliver best-in-class BI solutions for your business.

The true power of partnerships

The tool's extensive visualisation capabilities and the intuitive ability to easily analyse complex relationships were the decisive arguments for us.

ZETA Biopharma GmbH
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We know we have data that we can use more effectively. In our company, it’s the details that matter.

Marche Restaurant
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With the decision to take on Power BI and BE-terna as partners, we have created the optimal basis for further steps towards the future.

Viva Luzern AG
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By implementing the Qlik solution, we enabled employees to easily and quickly access the information they need in order to make faster and more precise decisions.

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