Digital Blue Book – game-changing strategy to a fully digital company

Digital Blue Book – game-changing strategy to a fully digital company

4 min read Aug 09, 2023

Just a mention of digital transformation may ruffle some feathers as it is so overly used that the term itself seems to lose all its meaning, however, what remains true is the fact that any serious company needs to have a set of digital tools and know-how to stay relevant. Digitalization is not a nice add-on it is a necessity. During the first wave of digitalization most companies started implementing digital tools expecting that they will magically increase productivity, improve processes and increase sales, the lack of such results put the spotlight on the true issue – lack of strategy!

Jim Rohn once said success is 20% skills and 80% strategy. You might know what you want to achieve but do you know what it takes to get there?


To put it in simple terms imagine having a toothache – you have 2 options: go to the dentist and request the tooth to be pulled OR see a dentist, let him examine and assess the situation, use their skill set to develop a treatment plan and at the end of the day you just might get to keep the tooth.

Both options will relieve the pain eventually but by consulting an expert, and letting him help you outline the strategy you get much better outcomes.

The same goes for your digital strategy, all you need to do is detect that there is room for improvement and then let our in-house experts assess, examine and built you a failproof strategy that will help your company excel.


Strategy powered by 1100 experts


With the speed of changes, the market is experiencing it is more important than ever to take advantage of all the cutting-edge technologies available, especially to overcome current challenges such as data utilization, and automation to overcome talent shortages and maximize capacities by eliminating bottlenecks.

Be-terna developed the Digital Blue Book to offer you our expertise to drive your business forward. The BE-terna Digital Blue Book provides a competitive edge that always starts with:

  •  proper digital vision 
  • setting up goals and key priorities
  •  assessing digital maturity 
  • defining SMART digital projects 
  • integrating digital strategy
  •  mobilizing and aligning the leadership team

Our Blue Book provides all our clients with customized cloud-based software solutions, access to responsive support through our network of local offices and partners worldwide and helps grow your business with our pool of 1100 skilled professionals across 10 European countries.




One-stop-shop for a complete digital evolution

The digital Blue Book is designed to be your first and final point when it comes to your digital evolution. A one-stop shop if you will. It eliminates all the potential dangers of failure by having one experienced team of experts that covers all steps of your digital journey. From detecting your needs, establishing a clear vision of where you want to go, determining and developing the software tools in line with your vision, establishing projects and project timelines, and delivering you the proof of value. BE-terna covers all steps including execution and implementation.



Holistic solutions and powerful applications


Digital Blue Book outlines clear project phases to help you achieve success, starting with digital maturity assessment running the diagnostics to determine your needs, building the digital strategy derived directly from your custom requirements, setting up a comprehensive implementation plan, and finally implementing results.  

The Blue Book's unique methodology is a result of many successful projects BE-terna already implemented such as project digiELES and includes 8 steps to develop and execute an integrated digital strategy plan.




The holistic approach to building your digital strategy includes several workshops and one-on-ones with all levels of the organization, initially to define your digital vision and goals, assess your digital maturity and current position, define your strategic digital priorities, and finally present and confirm your transformation plan. Each step is fully supported by our experts guiding you through the process and ensuring the best possible outcome.


The main differentiator of Digital Blue Book from any other digital strategy provider lies in the fact that this is not just a nice slide deck you receive.  Every single project gets a detailed project plan, change lean canvas, sustainability goals, and change impact assessment matrix. Our main priority is to approach every project from all aspects, business, and sustainability. With deep insights into major tools on the market as well as our development teams, BE-terna offers you a true end-to-end solution, from ideas to execution, from goals to deliverables, and offers a one-way ticket from now to the future.

Digital Blue book

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