BE-terna participating in Dynamics Minds Conference 2023

BE-terna participating in Dynamics Minds Conference 2023

5 min read May 10, 2023

BE-terna team will be participating in Dynamic Minds conference taking place in Portorož from May 22-24. The conference is a meeting spot for all Microsoft Dynamics users and enthusiasts giving them a chance to exchange knowledge, share best practices, and network. Anže Krpič, BE-ternas industry manager for professional services will be speaking on the topic of „Breaking down the silos trap", and Andrej Černivec, BE-ternas business developer will be presenting on the topic of How to find a "golden record,"   and in this interview we discussed some of the key points they will be covering to give you an idea of why you do not want to miss their keynotes!

„Breaking down the silos trap" with Anže Krpič

What are the key challenges for PS?

Several challenges are common within the professional services industry, but the main ones would include communication, whether it is internal or external, this industry relies on effective and efficient communication. Another big challenge is the speed of progress compared to the extremely fast-paced environment that calls for agility and speed in responding to changes. Drawing from the fast-paced environment another challenge is adaptability, being open to change of priorities, revision of the business value, and support in adapting to new technologies

Most professional services companies have already adopted some forms of digital tools and automation, however, oftentimes those bring the challenge of silos, dependency on them, and at times overcomplexity of the said tools that bring more harm than good. Another big challenge emerged from the pandemic with the need for remote work that brought on the question of how one can manage projects remotely, and successfully implement solutions in a remote environment.

On the other end of the spectrum, the universal challenge that comes with a project-based business is monitoring the whole lifecycle of projects, from the prospect moving to the offering, followed by the implementation, controlling, and analytics. How to effectively manage resources, get the broader picture at different stages of multiple projects, and most importantly how to set up processes so that we can implement the learnings and know-how back to the initial stages to ensure upselling, cross-selling, and better customer experience.

Why are information silos so hard to break?

At its core it is not hard to break the silos, what usually happens is that professional services companies put their work with clients ahead of organizing internal processes and the challenges just keep piling up. The main struggle is that unfortunately, those piled-up issues end up interfering with their core business in a way that might not be noticeable at first glance. To break the silos, it is crucial to implement change management, to prepare the environment for the changes that need to happen.
"Sometimes it is necessary to take a step back to move forward. All companies strive to do better, however building anything requires healthy foundations, so it is necessary to step back revise the processes and priorities and set up a plan that is going to be sustainable in the long run. Leaving the comfort zone is always uncomfortable but, in this day, and age, it is necessary."

How does BE-terna support professional services companies to overcome these challenges?

Our contribution goes beyond the tools and solutions, with our industry knowledge how we come in and start observing the processes, analyze them, and establish how to optimize them. Once we map out the processes, we correlate them with the Microsoft D365 tools available, and most importantly we implement a whole ecosystem that is fully connected and allows the company one source of truth and allows access to information that is usable at any stage of the process, to be able to adjust and adapt at any moment. This information is not only project related but is relevant to the entire business process including finance, HR, resource management, sales, resource planning, etc. We are sharing our insights, best practices, and know-how along with the set of tools to ensure a successful implementation.

If you find this topic interesting, make sure you join the keynote at Dynamics Minds on May 23rd at 10:00.

How to find a "golden record" with Andrej Černivec

How important is it to have a clean and accurate CRM database?

We live in an omnichannel world, where customers use a variety of communication channels. If companies have scattered data about their customers and if the data is not unified and organized into a golden record, it becomes challenging to operate and personalize products and services according to customers' needs and preferences. Customers today demand personalized experiences, and having a clean and accurate CRM database is crucial for delivering such experiences.

What are the potential consequences of not addressing data quality issues?

The potential consequences of not addressing data quality issues are significant. For example, companies may miss out on opportunities to personalize their offerings, resulting in lower customer satisfaction, customer churn, reputational damage, and decreased revenue.

Who is it for?

This session is essential for everyone involved in customer service, especially those in B2C industries, where there are a large number of customers. Having a clean CRM database is crucial for delivering relevant marketing campaigns and personalized customer experiences. This session will cover everything from quick and simple solutions to advanced, complex solutions capable of handling millions of customers without a problem.

If you find this topic interesting, make sure you join the session at Dynamics Minds on May 23rd at 16:30.

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