Future-oriented application for mobile devices 

Speed up and simplify your mobile business processes and ensure greater customer and employee satisfaction.

Your Benefits

BE-Mobile is not just an app, but a complete framework that allows you to use your individualised ERP processes in a mobile way:

  • Thanks to its platform independence you can use the application on all mobile devices 
  • User rights can be configured individually - for example, individual users or groups can only be authorised for certain fields
  • Central management of functions and content, no direct access to SQL data
  • Flexible working with configurable views
  • Updates are only carried out once and in a single place - the new version is immediately available on all mobile devices, regardless of the number of devices
E. Breuninger GmbH & Co.

Safeguarding the future with BE-terna Fashion

BE-terna Fashion based on Microsoft Dynamics AX was successfully put into operation at the well-known fashion and lifestyle company in Stuttgart. 
Case Study
  • Space allocation, space information
  • Goods receipt / goods issue
  • WE-Book Entry
  • Processing replenishment request, allocation of transport method
  • Route-optimized pre-picking
  • Free picking
  • Stock corrections
  • Posting changes in storage areas
  • Inventory
  • Differences 
  • Extended item information (availability according to storage locations, statistics, pictures)
  • Price change
  • Label reprint
  • Storage requirement
  • Stock transfers
  • Returns
  • Inventory
  • Tourism of goods
  • Goods control
  • Customer order 
  • Motion-dependent processes
  • Support for collective movements
  • Online stock enquiries - current values for warehouse and dispatch
  • Recording of serial and batch numbers ensures traceability
  • Posting of goods movements in the ERP system in real time: exactly when the goods are moved and scanned in the warehouse
  • Inventory book sheet and inventory entry
  • Recording of serial and batch numbers ensures traceability
  • Paperless storage / Commission processing
  • Route optimisation and less administration 
  • Clear information on picking orders / putaways
  • Recording of serial and batch numbers ensures traceability
  • Support of all standard logistics activities in Business Central
  • Complete and traceable documentation
  • Simple ACTUAL message
  • Direct posting of the used components (component consumption) - with and without bill of material
  • Additional consumption
  • Confirmation of setup and processing times using the routing

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