Efficient warehouse and logistics processes with the Reactor Platform at killtec
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Efficient warehouse and logistics processes with the Reactor Platform at killtec

4 min read Dec 12, 2023

killtec, a leading manufacturer of sports and leisurewear, has upgraded to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and successfully implemented the Reactor Platform from BE-terna in its warehouse and logistics processes.

For over 40 years, family business killtec has been developing high-quality sports and leisure clothing. The company employs a 128-strong workforce at its headquarters in Buchholz, near Hamburg, where the administration and state-of-the-art logistics departments are also located. The product range comprises technical clothing for men, women and children, with a focus on skiing and outdoor activities. The company now supplies some 3,500 retailers in 35 countries worldwide.

Challenges and decision to choose the Reactor Platform

The decision to go for the Reactor Platform was taken as part of a comprehensive update in which killtec, together with BE-terna, adopted Business Central 13 to replace the outdated Navision 2009. The transition was necessary because working via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) was no longer fit for purpose, and there was no way to work without reception. Before the Reactor Platform was implemented, killtec used the Navision client on scanners via RDP. The company took advantage of BE-terna’s expertise when it came to deciding on a new logistics solution. The Reactor Platform provides them with a cutting-edge solution that not only meets current requirements, but also offers scope for future innovations.

Application of the Reactor Platform at killtec

The Reactor Platform is utilized in multiple ways at killtec, from precise checking of incoming goods to efficient warehousing processes supported by handheld scanners. The platform enables coordinated stock retrieval using move commands, seamless integration of stock transfers for compressing warehouse stocks, and provides reliable support for inventory processes. Two-step order picking is carried out using extended menus for forklift trucks. Reactor not only offers seamless integration of well-known scanner manufacturers such as Zebra or Honeywell, but also allows them to be used on permanently mounted tablets, for example on forklift trucks, as at killtec. The platform guarantees standardized functionality across all operating systems: Windows, Android, iOS, macOS and Linux – without any additional expense.


Reactor application on permanently mounted tablets on forklift trucks at killtec |  © killtec

Self-defined special processes 

What's special about the Reactor Platform is that it makes it very easy to develop user applications directly in the ERP system. So you can customize special processes to suit your specific requirements and integrate them quickly and easily yourself. killtec used this functionality to allow for precise tracking of pallets in transit, direct linking of pallets with shipping orders, target moving of goods to specific storage locations, and optimal retrieval of sample goods with automated packaging and label printing. Killtec was able to seamlessly integrate these specialized processes itself and thereby support individual workflows efficiently. 

Successful collaboration with BE-terna

Martin Witt, Head of IT and Organization at killtec, highlights the positive experience of working together with BE-terna. The structured approach, workshops with key users, best practices and the high level of process expertise that the friendly team brought to bear are what made implementing the Reactor Platform a successful project.

“Our working relationship with BE-terna throughout the entire process was extremely positive and productive. BE-terna's continuous support, from the initial workshops in 2009 through to the recent upgrade to BC 13, has been an integral part of the implementation’s success.”

Looking ahead to future innovations

Future innovations are part of the plan at killtec. Implementing on-the-fly labeling during order picking and using Wi-Fi printers are just two examples of the planned improvements. The Reactor Platform plays a crucial role in simplifying complex processes and provides a seamless end-to-end process, which in turn boosts efficiency significantly and reduces operational complexity.


A ready-to-use Application Development Platform

BE-terna Reactor Platform makes it super easy to develop user applications directly in the ERP system. Access important information for easily – anytime, anywhere and on any mobile device or desktop.

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