Digitalization of business for a global gaming manufacturer
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Digitalization of business for a global gaming manufacturer

6 min read Feb 03, 2020

In the world of gaming, Interblock is an established and distinctive brand, positioned among global leaders in terms of innovation and rapid development of new gaming products. Interblock has more than 25 years of experience in building gaming machines which stand out for their design and unique approaches to attracting players. For the company, the key breakthrough that put them on the global gaming map was the acquisition of the Nevada gaming license in 2008. This enabled the company to begin selling its gaming machines on the demanding and highly regulated North American market.

Restructuring processes and digitalization of business

Over the past three years, Interblock has expanded to almost every continent while simultaneously updating its business processes. To support this transformation, Interblock began searching for a solution that would support the growth of its business model and processes. The primary goal of process re-engineering was to not only support innovation but also optimize its sales and manufacturing processes, which would result in improving the company's competitive position in the ruthless global market.

The project was particularly difficult because of the complexity of B2B operations as all Interblock entities were involved in the process (Europe, North America, Asia and Australia and South America). Another factor was the complex nature of the company's operations and business model (part of the operating revenue is generated from the leasing model) and the industry’s strict regulations.

It was an easy decision for Interblock to continue the partnership with BE-terna as their prior knowledge of the company contributed to identifying technological challenges and the implementation of a solution.
As part of the project, Interblock deployed Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP to support all of its processes: manufacturing, service, warehousing, sales and marketing, procurement, financial operations, human resources, payroll and the lease model of billing. Qlik BI was used to implement advanced reporting and analytics while extensive integration was carried out to support specific processes. 

We used modern solutions to find innovative solutions that would support our specific processes. We have extensively integrated and customized the solution to meet the strict regulations of our industry while supporting our company's operations globally. The new solution supports all of our processes and delivers the tools needed to improve productivity, resource planning and cut costs.

Anže Tuškej, Interblock

Support for innovation and sales performance at the forefront of the system upgrade

Innovation is the company's key competitive advantage in the demanding international market. Primarily, Interblock was looking to effectively support the research and development processes, where the greatest challenge was how to model a bill of material in a way that would ensure quick and simple product configuration.

Sales process automation was the next significant area. Interblock's sales process is complex and its customers, most of whom are international casinos, are demanding. No matter where Interblock’s sales staff is located, the new solution allows them to take customers change requests and provide them with an updated final product price in real time.

Optimizing production using an advanced product configurator

Numerous additional features were developed to support the specific requirements of the manufacturing process. Integrating the ERP system with Experlogix CPQ solution ensured that the manufacturing planning process is now faster by a factor of five.

The automated generation of work orders based on sales orders and the automated generation of transfer orders significantly reduced the amount of administrative work that was required to manually prepare work orders. Jet Reports delivers additional functionalities that help plan the manufacturing process.

The company keeps accurate data about inventory in various locations and tracks products from procurement to sale

Before implementing the new solution, Interblock faced significant delays in its procurement process, particularly because the company employs a “built-to-order” principle with minimum inventory. As part of the project, it implemented tracking items using barcodes or QR codes scanned with the WMS mobile application. The company can now track items from order and acceptance through warehousing to manufacturing and delivery. The automation of work and transfer orders and a comprehensive overview of inventory levels improved the efficiency of the procurement process by 50 percent.

The new solution improved insight into resources and simplified work planning by further reducing the company's opportunity costs, allowing them to easily manage orders and fulfill them by their deadline.

Improved after-sales activities

Interblock is aware that customer satisfaction is impacted by the speed and efficiency of support when the client needs it the most: when something goes wrong. Anveo Mobile Service App allows service personnel to record and report an error on a gaming machine. Serial number tracking makes it possible to replace or repair the machine as quickly as possible.

Modern analytics and real-time reporting

Qlik BI tool helped us move from reactive to proactive and even predictive analytics. Analytics is not only used for real-time insight into company operations, it is also used to actively optimize resources, reduce costs and avoid potential slowdowns.

Anže Tuškej, Interblock

Complex products, a specific business model, and operations distributed across different continents means that Interblock manages an enormous volume of unstructured data from various sources. The primary goal of the implementation of Qlik BI was to consolidate data, which meant that all enterprise data had to be prepared first.

As part of the project, financial data was consolidated. This process was made more complex by B2B transactions and strict regulations, while operations on different continents meant that the company had to pay special attention to exchange rate differences.

By consolidating procurement, production and sales data, the company gained control over the entire supply chain, which allowed it to detect potential slowdowns in production and supply and react in time.

Customized reports for the management and shareholders required additional processing of the ERP system data. These reports make it possible to control costs and monitor profitability down to individual gaming machines.
Using real-time analytics, the company can better plan its resources and improve productivity, which is the key to maintaining a competitive position in the manufacturing industry.

Clear goals for the future: strengthen the position of an innovative global gaming machine manufacturer

The company's vision for the future is to strengthen its position as an innovative global manufacturer of gaming machines. The company will support its goals with additional solutions for manufacturing processes, planning, controlling and customer relationships. It will further refine its field service solutions and is planning to update its configurator to facilitate pricing while products are being designed. 

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