Systemair AB:  The H5 smart app for production monitoring ensures a better  climate
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Systemair AB: The H5 smart app for production monitoring ensures a better climate

3 min read Apr 28, 2022

Systemair AB
Systemair AB
With 90 branches around the world, the Swedish company Systemair is one of the global market leaders in ventilation and air conditioning technology. After successfully implementing Infor M3 as its business software, the company also decided to introduce a smart app based on the Infor H5 SDK in 2020, which can monitor all production processes and provide optimal reporting. BE-terna was brought on board as a partner for this project.

Big dreams, smart app

Right from the start, it was clear to both Systemair and BE-terna that the requirements placed on the smart app - production process monitoring as well as reporting - would not be solvable in the standard way. With 90 locations in 54 countries, featuring various languages and specific process steps within production, all of which needing to be synchronized and retrievable in the ERP system Infor M3, presented the project team with complex challenges. Accordingly, the application was not implemented immediately, but went through a lengthy evaluation process and was finally implemented as a pilot project at the Boxberg-Windischbuch site after 4 months of programming.

Jürgen Hernadi, CIO at Systemair, comments on the genesis of the idea of such an application and its first successful implementations:
“What started as a dream became reality with the help of BE-terna. When I had the vision of the application one night, the complexity was clear to me from the beginning. We had very specific requirements, which could not be met by a standard application. A 40-page requirements catalogue turned into production monitoring software that we can roll out to any of our global sites because of the ease of language customisation.“

Perfect interaction between Infor M3 and H5

H5 is the new smart application that the BE-terna team developed for Systemair from the Infor H5 SDK , based on HTML5. The Infor H5 SDK is an open-source collection of design assets and components that can be used to create user experiences quickly and efficiently, taking into account the interface with Infor M3. Based on the HTML5 client, the application was custom-extended from the standard to meet the requirements.
The following client-specific requests, among others, were considered during the development of the app:

  • Expansion of language options for more than 20 production sites.
  • Holistic documentation and reporting of the work steps in the production groups
  • Synchronisation of the Smart App with Infor M3
  • Customisable process automation
  • Flexible, compatible interface for different end devices
  • Automated background processes for creating workflows
  • Reporting of complete departments as well as individual production groups

The H5 SMART App, which was initiated as a project for the German production site, is now being rolled out to other international production sites.

Jürgen Hernadi continues about the implementation of the production monitoring app:
"We are completely satisfied with our solution. It was a long and difficult road from the initial idea to the finished solution. We are glad that we went in this direction with BE-terna and that all our ideas were implemented. The solution is perfect for our production needs.“

About the Systemair Group

Since 1974, Systemair has been ensuring the purity of a vital resource. Today, the company is one of the global market leaders in ventilation and air-conditioning technology. It is a success story that began in Skinnskatteberg, Sweden, and revolutionised the world of ventilation with the invention of the tube fan. Since then, the group of companies has consistently developed and today offers a comprehensive range of ventilation and air conditioning technology that sets global standards.
More about the Systemair Group:

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