NOR:DISK: Improved efficiency with Microsoft Dynamics 365
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NOR:DISK: Improved efficiency with Microsoft Dynamics 365

3 min read Jul 01, 2021

When an organisation is trying to become even more efficient, it is important to improve the organisation’s processes. This was what the Swedish pot machinery manufacture, NOR:DISK, wanted to do. In order to accomplice this, NOR:DISK upgraded their Microsoft AX2009 to Microsoft Dynamics 365. Now, they have improved their efficiency and reduced production time and errors. 

NOR:DISK  and Sandberg Development Group

NOR:DISK  is a Swedish manufactory of pot washing machines. Since they were established in 1987,  NOR:DISK have been providing their machines to organisations all over the world. They focus on sustainability, and their machines uses less water than all other products on the market.  NOR:DISK  is a part of the Swedish family-owned investment company, Sandberg Development Group who own minority and majority in eight Swedish organisations. Sandberg invests in innovative and new technology organisations, where  NOR:DISK is one of these.  

The need for more innovation

NOR:DISK knew that the future is digital and wanted to optimise some of their current processes. Moreover, with reference to Sandberg, the innovative aspect was also important. This meant that in order to create an even more innovative organisation,  NOR:DISK needed to innovate themselves with new technologies. Furthermore, it was also essential to reduce production time and errors in the organisation.  

Upgrade to a One Version 

It was important for the organisation that the system they ended up with, was going to be a system they did not have to change within a couple of years. This was why the choice fell upon Microsoft Dynamics 365, which is a One Version system, which denote that there are no further systems to implement to. Therefore, chose NOR:DISK and Sandberg Development Groups to upgrade GRANDULDISK’s ERP-solution from Microsoft AX2009 to Microsoft Dynamics 365. Here, there was a focus on leveraging the rich functionality in the Dynamics 365 standard application system, with the advances there was on the One Version of the system. This new implementation meant that NOR:DISK’s production is more effective, and it has also reduced time in order delivery.  

Improved efficiency with Dynamics 365

The overall outcome of  NOR:DISK new implementation is that the organisation now is working more effective.This means that all processes of the organisation have been optimized, from the manufacturing to the delivery. Moreover, it also underlines their value of being more sustainable because the manufacturing now is structured to reduce errors and production time. With less errors, the production is more sustainable. In regard to Sandberg Development Group, this new system aligns with their overall organisational values, since NOR:DISK now have developed their technologies even more. After this implementation with BE-terna, are now ready for even more upgrades and implementations within the Sandberg Development Group.


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