Alfdex: A new version to empower the business
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Alfdex: A new version to empower the business

2 min read Jul 01, 2021


When an organization wants to become even more international and expand their physical warehouse, it is important that the ERP-solution follows along. This was one of the main concerns of the Swedish crankcase gas manufacture, Alfdex. The organization wanted to upgrade their old Microsoft Dynamics AX2009, and then be able to expand the business even more. Here the solution was to upgrade the Dynamics AX2009 into AX2012, and base it mostly on a standard system to be developed upon. The new solution has improved the functionality of the ERP-system and made the inventory control more efficient. 


Alfdex is a market leading distributor of equipment used for cleaning crankcase gases in diesel engines. Their primarily target is heavier vehicles such as trucks, buses, and agricultural vehicles. The overall technique of their crankcase is based on an oil separator that separates oil particles from crankcase gases and redistribute close to 100% of the oil to the engine. Alfdex is a joint venture from 2002, of the two companies, Alfa Laval and Concentric. Now the organization is the world leading organization within their field and almost every truck manufacture within North America and Europe are using the Alfdex separators.  

A new system?

At Alfdex they have used Microsoft Dynamics AX2009 for several years. However, due to a strategy to grow internationally, it was time to upgrade their old AX2009 into a AX2012. Alfdex knew that in order to grow their business even more as well as move and expand the physical warehouse, the ERP-system had to follow up. Besides this, Alfdex wanted to improve several processes in the ERP-system.  

Processes based on the standard system

The solution to Alfdex’s ERP-problem, was to establish a new Microsoft Dynamics ERP-system. Here the choice was Microsoft Dynamics AX2009. One of the most important aspects was to maximize the use of standard functionality to reduce both project costs and the risk of ‘locking’ Alfdex on one system. This meant that the extra processes and solutions that was made, was based upon the standard system.   

Ready to grow internationally

The overall outcome of the new ERP-implementation is that Alfdex now are ready to grow internationally. This means that they now have the back-end breeding ground for their strategy. Moreover, the improved functionality of the ERP-system is also found in the inventory control, where it now is possible to make a visualized production plan.


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