Swedish Agro: A fully integrated store system
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Swedish Agro: A fully integrated store system

2 min read Jun 08, 2021

Swedish Agro
Swedish Agro
When an organization controls multiple stores in a country, it needs to have an aligned ERP solution. This was one of the main concerns from Swedish Agro, who is a retailer of more than 11 stores in Sweden. Swedish Agro, who is a part of the international organization Danish Agro, wanted to change their ERP solution, in order to get a system that suited their company better. The solution to this was to change their Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 into an AX2012 Retail and Enterprise POS with integrations to specific agricultural modules. 

Using the ERP to the fullest

Swedish Agro’s ERP solution, Microsoft AX2012, was not up to date with the organization. This meant that there were flaws in the store processes, which imply that the order delivery process was slower. The solution simply did not live up to the industry, which meant that they did not use the ERP system to its fullest.  

Solution based on current ERP-system

It was important for Swedish Agro, that the system and change that was going to happen, was not too large. The solution was to implement a more suitable Dynamics AX system, hence the AX Retail and Enterprise POS in-store chains. This was done by using their current ERP system, AX 2012, as a basis, and then adding the Retail and Enterprise parts. Then it was possible to make the solution as smooth as possible for the organization. To get the best possible outcome, there was developed integrations to specific agricultural modules, simplified order management in stores and provided support for price management inc/exc VAT.  

A consistent system

After the implementation, Swedish Agro has now harmonized the store process and gained better control over the order to delivery process. Moreover, the new established parts make their system more transparent and supports the chain's business flows from order and finance to inventory and retail stores. Now Swedish Agro have a more consistent system, that supports all aspects of the organization – from stores to management.

Swedish Agro

In 2011 Swedish Agro, became a part of Danish Agro, which is an international organization. Swedish Agro have 11 stores in Sweden, with nine in Kalmar and two in Kronoberg. These stores have local assortments, which all can be categorized in the areas of Garden, Animal, Agricultural, Animal feed, hunt, outdoor, forest and home. Moreover, the overall goal for the organization is to keep developing and deliver valuable solutions for their customers.

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