Roeckl optimizes business processes with BE-terna Fashion and BE-terna POS
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Roeckl optimizes business processes with BE-terna Fashion and BE-terna POS

5 min read Jan 22, 2024

The prestigious fashion brand Roeckl Handschuhe & Accessoires GmbH & Co. KG has successfully replaced its existing ERP system and implemented a new business software solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central BE-terna Fashion. At the same time, BE-terna Point of Sales has been rolled out as a POS software solution for Roeckl's own stores, including floor space management. The project began in September 2021 and the go-live was successfully implemented as planned in May 2023.

Overcoming outdated system limitations with a new ERP solution

Before the changeover, Roeckl was using an outdated NAV system that no longer fulfilled the company’s requirements. It did not offer mobile access or a web interface, which made workflows less efficient. Over a period of about 15 years, the old system had deviated more and more from the standard and contained processes that were no longer used. Furthermore, there were a number of new process requirements, while increasing digitization measures were needed to support the continued growth of the company. Switching to a new ERP solution enabled Roeckl to benefit from standard technologies and processes, and to clean up the old data and inhomogeneous data structures.

Close partnership and proven best-practice solution

The decision to partner with BE-terna when selecting and implementing the new solution was seamless. The trust built up through working with BE-terna over a number of years played a key role,  according to Robert Puster, CFO at Roeckl:

“We chose BE-terna because we have worked with them for a long time and trust the way they operate. BE-terna Fashion has given us a future-proof best-practice solution that provides a wide range of proven standard processes.”

These standard processes, which are tailored to the specific requirements of the retail clothing trade, mean that the company is improving its internal processes and benefiting from increased efficiency. The new business software solution covers various areas of the value chain at Roeckl, including PDM, sales, purchasing, planning and scheduling, logistics, webshop, finance, BI and intercompany processes.

Greater flexibility, better data quality and optimized processes

One of the most important improvements is the introduction of remote working and a user-friendly web-based interface. Roeckl employees can now work from wherever they wish and access all system functions via this interface, which leads to increased flexibility and efficiency at the company.

Another major advantage is being able to manage master data centrally and consistently. The new solution allows Roeckl to avoid inconsistencies and having to correct data further down the line. That in turn brings improved data quality and provides a solid foundation for meaningful evaluations.

The BE-terna Fashion solution also supports transparent procurement processes for purchasing goods from the Far East and Europe. Roeckl can control import management effectively and track the goods while they are in transit. Automatic stock valuation in financial accounting ensures complete and correct bookkeeping.

The software enables transparent and consistent inventory management in storage locations using standard functions. Logistics work is made paper-free by using PDT (portable data terminal) scanners. Different order picking strategies are used, depending on the order situation, resulting in shorter walking routes and faster throughput times in logistics.

Efficient store processes and seamless omnichannel integration

Roeckl Filile mit Kassa

The new software also supports digitization of store processes at Roeckl. PDT scanners are used for transferring goods between stores and the central warehouse, which increases the efficiency and precision of store processes. Integration of the webshop and different marketplaces are the basis for further omnichannel processes.

Another important focus of the project was the highly flexible POS software solution, which was introduced in 15 Roeckl stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. A user-friendly interface and customized functions make it easy for employees to enter orders, carry out transactions and process payments. Integration of the POS software into the overall system enables seamless synchronization of sales data and stock information in real time.

Last but not least, the BE-terna Fashion solution offers a modern business intelligence tool for reporting and data analysis. This allows informative reports and evaluations to be created as the basis for quickly making soundly based decisions and further optimizing the business.

“Working in partnership with Roeckl was very important for us. We had a good understanding and were able to collaborate on finding solutions. Roeckl were always ready to support our process optimizations and to use the BE-terna Fashion standard. Working together on the project was always the focus of our shared success and the planned go-live date.” - Christian Wiederhold, Project Manager at BE-terna.

Implementing the BE-terna Fashion industry solution allowed Roeckl Handschuhe & Accessoires to modernize their business processes, increase efficiency, improve data quality and build a solid platform for future growth. The flexibility created by remote working, consistent master data management, efficient procurement, optimized logistics, digitized store processes and the informative business intelligence tool have helped Roeckl to strengthen their own competitiveness and take the business forwards successfully into the future.


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