Dr. C. SOLDAN GmbH: Candy specialist cuts product development cycle by half with Infor PLM
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Dr. C. SOLDAN GmbH: Candy specialist cuts product development cycle by half with Infor PLM

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Premium sweets that foster well-being - this is what Dr. C. SOLDAN stands for, for over 120 years. Whether Em-eukal, Kinder Em-eukal, Rheila, Bayrischer Blockmalz or Original BÄRENGARTEN - high quality and organic ingredients have always been the standard. The introduction of Infor PLM for Process (Optiva) has significantly accelerated SOLDANS product development.

The art of candy cooking in upheaval

Until 2016, product development at Dr. C. SOLDAN was mainly characterized by the use of Excel spreadsheets and MS Word. Double data entry, missing workflows, poor process reliability and slow process execution were the main arguments for Birgit Härtl (CIO) and her team to introduce of a professional product lifecycle solution software (PLM). As an OTC manufacturer in the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. C. SOLDAN needs to fulfill complex legal requirements during the production process. The goal was to handle these processes more efficiently with PLM.

From recipe idea to candy delight, with Infor PLM

After intensive product evaluation, the company chose Infor PLM for Process (Optiva). The solution was particularly convincing due to its comprehensive project management approach, including automated task distribution and the templates developed especially for the food industry. Another decisive factor was the ability to link the existing ERP system to the PLM solution. This made it possible for all those involved in recipe development to work seamlessly across departments and systems in a uniform data pool. Due to the regulations applicable in Germany, the R&D process is becoming increasingly complex for many manufacturers. With "Infor PLM for Process", Dr. C. SOLDAN has the security of always producing according to the regulatory requirements. Also, by using Infor PLM for Process errors and corrections in labeling can be avoided.

Sweet prospects: Save Time and Costs with Infor PLM

Birgit Härtl - IT manager at Dr. C. SOLDAN - is very satisfied with the final result of the cooperation with BE-terna:

Thanks to PLM for Process we were able to reduce the lead time from product idea to marketability by half.

The goal of reducing the time to market - from the idea to the finished candy - by half and cutting costs was achieved with the support of BE-terna.

About Dr. C. SOLDAN

Dr. Carl Soldan, the great-grandfather of our managing partner, Perry Soldan, laid the foundation stone for our family enterprise and our strong brands 120 years ago.The German pharmacist and medical officer had his finger on the pulse right from the start, consistently developing surprisingly good products. His impressive ability for innovation naturally found an outlet in confectionery, with Em‑eukal® cough drops leading the way.

PLM for Process

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