MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP: Culinary variety with PLM for Process
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MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP: Culinary variety with PLM for Process

2 min read Oct 09, 2020

The Moguntia Food Group AG is a producer of high quality food. In order to accelerate the time to market, the international company decided to implement PLM for Process. Together with BE-terna, MOGUNTIA shortened its lead times and reduced the complexity of its processes. 

With PLM, your processes become easy as pie

In the past, the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP AG carried out recipe development using a heterogeneous IT landscape consisting of different systems. It included a specially developed recipe development tool, a project management tool and a program for specifications and labels. Through the introduction of PLM for Process a unified IT landscape was developed. Timo Ratzke, Head of Production Systems at Moguntia Food Group, is satisfied with the outcome:

PLM for Process increases the probability of a timely market launch and the success of the first batch by more than 95%.

Speed up your taste experience with PLM for Process

MOGUNTIA develops products based on own recipes, but also on customer request. PLM for Process helps the food giant to manage these customer specifications, and makes sure to fulfill the policies during development. Through the integration into the existing ERP system, MOGUNTIA is now able to avoid double data entry and makes it easier to handle the item management process. On top of that, the introduction of PLM led to significant cost savings, and allows to transfer article lists, including parameters like nutritional values and allergens directly into the ERP system. The lead time from product idea to marketability can thus be significantly reduced, depending on customer requirements.


MOGUNTIA was founded in 1903 by Friedrich Buchholz in Mainz on the Rhine. His vision was to standardize the production of sausage and meat products. Our company is a family firm of the 4th generation which is specialized on all areas of food processing. Our broad product range will meet your needs perfectly. You can get from us spices, technological additives, compounds, flavourings, starter cultures, marinades, seasoning oils, clear soups, soups, meat juices, roux, kitchen aids, deserts, fix products, stock cubes and many other things, all high quality and from one provider.

The PLM-solution for process manufacturers

Reach market success faster!

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