Recap BE-terna Days Fashion & Commerce

Recap BE-terna Days Fashion & Commerce

2 min read Oct 13, 2022

Another year, another great BE-terna Days event is behind us! As always, it was two exciting days in which customers, partners and BE-terna employees were able to exchange ideas and learn from each other.

We did some things differently and experimented a little on purpose, because: In a somewhat larger format with partners, colleagues and guests from the Netherlands, Spain, Slovenia, Croatia and Italy, we have been in a quasi-hybrid exchange in English and German.

But let's start from the beginning!

We took the opportunity to present ourselves under the new Telefónica Tech umbrella and talked about what this means for BE-terna and especially for our customers. With the Telefónica takeover, we are bringing a whole new set of offerings, first and foremost cybersecurity. The key takeaway from Renato Jurjevic and Bernhard Lang's discussions was that it's not a matter of if you're going to be attacked, but when. Given the increasing digitalisation among most of our customers, this is more than justified, and we look forward to continuing these discussions and presenting concrete approaches to our customers very soon.


Another hot topic discussed was sustainability. We spent three intense hours in a first workshop with a small group of volunteers from Breuninger, Olymp and VAUDE talking about what it means to become more sustainable as a retailer, wholesaler or manufacturer in the fashion industry. The result is: we collected many "must-haves" on a simple and analogue pinboard and see a lot of work ahead of us. When we asked all participants the next day "Who would like to actively participate here and contribute to the results?" we saw a lot of raised hands. Thank you all! We are motivated, feel encouraged and will get back to you soon with the next steps.

The most popular topics are and remain the real and actually unfiltered customer stories. A big thank you to Hans-Joachim Schöffel (Popken Fashion Group), Jan Hülbig (Oui), Antje von Dewitz and Jan Lorch (VAUDE). Thank you for the honesty and the deep insights into the exhausting and sometimes hard project work.


We also presented our offerings that complete the retail picture and go beyond pure ERP functions. The focus is always: how can we help our customers to drive their business and gain competitive advantage in the market. Our colleague Milan Listeš talked about modernising supply chain processes with machine learning, Andrej Černivec covered the use of customer profiles and segmentation with marketing automation, and Patrick Scherr from our e-commerce partner Y1 showed how to drive e-commerce business through different facets of the website channel.


After all the positive experiences and impressions of this year's BE-terna Days, we can hardly wait for next year. We are already looking forward to the BE-terna Days Fashion & Commerce 2023!

Kind regards
Rico Hänel & Marija Stanković

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