Data Science Adria Conference:  The Future of Supply Chain from BE-terna's Point of View

Data Science Adria Conference: The Future of Supply Chain from BE-terna's Point of View

3 min read May 31, 2023

Once again, BE-terna supported the gathering of minds at the Data Science Adria Conference in Croatia.

Our Data & AI team contributed on two fronts – expanding their knowledge on both a technical and business level.

Our data scientists and product owner, Nino Požar, held two lectures on the topic of optimizing various procedures in the supply chain industry.

Attendees who wanted to learn more about data-based business had the opportunity to hear from our business development manager Milan Listeš, who was a member of the panel Artificial Intelligence in e-Commerce and Retail. Milan shared with the audience tips and tricks on how to calculate the return on technology investment in the supply chain industry.

Milan at the panel "Artificial Intelligence in e-Commerce and Retail"
Milan at the panel "Artificial Intelligence in e-Commerce and Retail"

Now, let's see how it was on the DSC Adria from Nino's point of view.

How does it feel to be again at the biggest international AI & Data event in Croatia? Has anything changed in this year?

The feeling is great! The feeling is that I am somewhere where I belong. A lot has changed. I met some new people but also saw those I know from before. I see that people recognized me at the conference, as well as BE-terna and our AI solutions.

Could you briefly introduce us to what your lecture in Zagreb was about?

The lecture "The Future of Retail Supply Chain: Data-Driven Automation and Optimization" is related to our product for demand forecasting and optimization of the company's entire supply chain - from the supplier to the end user. On this occasion, we focused on the latest modules in the product, intended for retail companies. We have thus touched upon the optimization and automation of the process of ordering goods from suppliers, the initial filling of stores, as well as the optimization of the transfer of goods between stores. All these processes have the same ultimate goal - sending the right goods, to the right place, at the right time to realize greater sales and customer satisfaction.


Nino's lecture "The Future of Retail Supply Chain: Data-Driven Automation and Optimization"

The news at the DSC Adria conference is that everybody moved to Rijeka on the last day, and you had the opportunity to be a lecturer there as well. What was the focus of that lecture?

Yes, it is a great thing that the Open Day of the conference took place in my Rijeka. Here I gave a lecture on the topic of transport optimization. It is also a module of our solution that optimizes ordering logistics. This module allows the user to optimally complete the order from the supplier to meet the need for demand, not to allow the ordering of half-empty containers and to facilitate the control of the receipt of goods in the warehouse.


Nino holding a lecture about transport optimization

The organizers are planning another DSC Europe conference at the end of the year in Belgrade. Last year, we were able to hear your lecture there "Riddles in Supply Chain Management - How AI solves them?". Would you tell us if we will be able to see you in the role of lecturer this time as well?

Yes of course. It was great last year, and I believe it will be the same this year. On this occasion, I invite everyone to come and listen to our lecture at the DSC Europe conference in BelgradeWe will not reveal the topic of the lecture yet, but as always, we have something interesting in preparation.

What left the strongest impression on you during these three DSC Adria days? Do you have any take aways from the conference to share with the data & AI community?

First of all, you can see how quickly things change in the Data & AI world. The main "buzz" is definitely ChatGPT and its application, while just a few months ago it didn't even exist. Also, it's always interesting for me to hear and see what the AI community in Croatia is doing, exchange experiences with each other, and present our solutions to the community. From my side, the conclusion of the conference would be something that we from BE-terna are guided by, namely that for the successful implementation of AI solutions, it is crucial to properly detect the end user's problem and solve it.


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