How to get started with Zebra BI Visuals for Power BI
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How to get started with Zebra BI Visuals for Power BI

1 min read Apr 13, 2021

Zebra BI has industry-leading, self-service BI capabilities that meet the highest corporate information design standards. Having that in mind, it’s no surprise that Zebra BI is certified both by Microsoft and IBCS. Among more than 800 enterprise clients of Zebra BI, there are numerous big names such as Coca-Cola, Facebook, Uber and so on. Take your seat and let’s find out why this software extension has been trusted by so many companies.

To breathtaking data visualization with Zebra BI

Proper Data Visualization will help you not only to understand your business faster, but also to communicate your findings to different stakeholders with ease. Tine Ozimič, BI Specialist at Zebra BI, showed us how to achieve this by using practical examples, and with the assistance of Zebra BI Visuals for Power BI.


  1. Introduction to Zebra BI
  2. Overview of Zebra BI Tables
  3. Overview of Zebra BI Charts
  4. Top features and reporting best practices
  5. Building a report from scratch
  6. Dynamic commenting and formula editor in Zebra BI
  7. Segmented charts

Ready for a deep dive into powerful visuals? Watch the hands-on workshop here!

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