BE-terna partners with Zebra BI to make the Power BI reports even more powerful

BE-terna partners with Zebra BI to make the Power BI reports even more powerful

3 min read Feb 02, 2021

BE-terna, the leading European integrator for business solutions has announced a strategic partnership with Zebra BI, a Microsoft-certified add-in for Power BI. The aim of this partnership is to improve the data visualization and financial reporting of Power BI by integrating  Zebra BI, which will advance reports with powerful, cutting-edge and intuitive visuals. 

Advanced Power BI reports for smarter business decisions

In a world, which is increasingly dominated by data, data visualization is one of the most powerful fields in data science. High quality data visualization is required to perform data analytics in an efficient and intuitive way, so that users are provided with detailed business insights at any time. 

The collaboration agreement augments Microsoft's Power BI with the power of Zebra BI visuals. It enables the user to create standardized and impactful dashboards that meet the IBCS® guidelines

Jaka Stele, Chief Operating Officer at Zebra BI stated the following about the partnership:

At Zebra BI, we believe in data culture, where all corporate decisions are made based on data - especially the right understanding and interpretation of data. It is a mission we share with our partner BE-terna, which helps our joint clients to combine data sources and get a complete 360° view of the entire business with advanced self-service analytics. This partnership is complementary in the value proposition and therefore of great importance to us.

Through this strategic partnership the Power BI users will be able to build business reports 10 times faster, establish consistency in reporting, discover meaningful business insights, make smarter business decisions, ensure a higher overall performance, and all that with the assurance to be aligned with the IBCS® reporting standards.

Zebra BI visuals are easy to use and they help creators and users of reports to achieve results faster, especially compared to the in-house development of corporate performance dashboards.

Milan Listeš, Customer Landing Manager at BE-terna summarized the partnership:

We at BE-terna always have the added customer value in mind, when we decide to enter into a partnership. The same goes for Zebra BI; they really set the standard for Microsoft Power BI deployments in terms of visualization. On top of that, we see its value especially in adding IBCS® standards to our financial controlling and management reporting solutions, which will really make controllers and CFO's feel at home using our reporting solution. 

The only Power BI custom reports certified by Microsoft and IBCS®

Zebra BI visuals for Power BI are certified by IBCS® and Microsoft. They're fully compliant with Dr. Rolf Hichert's IBCS® - International Business Communication Standards. This certificate ensures that business information are presented clearly, concisely and consistently across the cloud, mobile, and desktop versions of Power BI. 

Also, Zebra BI visuals are certified by Microsoft, which guarantees their compliance with today's most strict security and technology standards.

About Zebra BI

Zebra BI develops the most powerful and intuitive data visualization technology for Microsoft Power BI and Excel. Developed in close collaboration with the community and based on years of expertise in data visualization, their visuals make it possible to establish best practice reports in minutes. Combining easy to use charts and tables, Zebra BI visuals empower analysts with state-of-the-art data visualization methods.

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