Great benefits of Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Great benefits of Dynamics 365 Customer Service

3 min read May 11, 2020

Consistent customer service, exceeding expectations as well as profitability and continuous follow-up business - these are the challenges in customer service. Because not only the type of communication is subject to constant change, the expectations of your service quality are also increasing.

With Dynamics 365, you offer your customers the seamless service they expect and can always provide them with all the information they need - whether on self-service portals on the web or in personal contact via email, chat or phone.

Omnichannel Service

Ensure consistent and consistent interaction with your customers across all of your service channels - from self-service portals and personal support to your field service. All relevant information is provided centrally to your service personnel. This makes it possible to interact individually with your customers, which increases both brand loyalty and customer loyalty.

Self-service portals and communities

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service enables you to create self-service portals for your customers and to form individual target group-specific communities. Customers can become active themselves on these portals and in the communities and exchange ideas with one another. You can score with your company with current answers and personalized information!

Forms Pro

Create and send surveys of satisfaction with the CRM solution from Dynamics 365. You can easily query your customers' opinions and attitudes and then evaluate them in the system. These evaluations can be bundled or personalized, so that you can also react directly to a specific concern of your customers.

Intuitive help desk solution

The CRM solutions from Microsoft Dynamics 365 offer a user-friendly and intuitive user interface to enable you to work quickly and productively in your company. In this way you also support your service experts and agents in the rapid role-based assignment and processing of service requests.

Central knowledge database

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service supports you with a centrally managed knowledge base that you can make available to both customers and employees. Using various analysis tools, you can determine the usefulness of the entries and use them to make strategic decisions to further expand the knowledge database.

Fully integrated Power BI solution

Increase the effectiveness of your employees by providing you with insights from your company. The full Power BI integration enables the display of created dashboards and reports. With the connection of services for artificial intelligence and machine learning, this tool completes the extensive possibilities that you have with Dynamics 365 and saves you from having to switch between the systems.

Connected customer service

Develop a proactive and predictive service model by fully integrating IoT diagnostics, IoT device updates and case management.
Automatically create service requests based on IoT alarms and create service requests using AI and machine learning before a problem occurs.

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