Artificial Intelligence

Reimagine what's possible for your business with the power of AI.


Seize the value of AI and advanced analytics today:

  • Provide unique and personalised experiences for your customers​
  • Predict outcomes and trends​
  • Optimise existing operations and processes​
  • Detect failures before they become problems
  • Forecast the real value of your future actions
  • Automated intelligent customer segmentations​
  • Predictive risk models (churn, credit, fraud, competition)​
  • Customer social network (friends & family modelling)​
  • Personalised product recommendations and targeted advertising​
  • Improved speed of service
  • Planning process optimisation​
  • Product demand, component and raw material prediction​
  • Reordering optimisation​
  • Increase product line efficiency and reduce production stoppages
  • On-time delivery
  • Forecast sales trends using state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms​
  • Real-time inventory and route optimisation​
  • Cargo and transportation optimisation​
  • Stock level optimisation and warehouse management​
  • Full ERP integration within the purchase reordering process
  • Machine monitoring in real-time providing recommendations of required maintenance​
  • Machine failure prediction​
  • Proactive maintenance proposal list​
  • Maintenance workforce planning optimisation​
  • Warranty reserve optimisation

Salus Group: Modern sales forecasting and stock optimization platform

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