From the field to the breakfast table - Minderleinsmühle relies on Infor M3
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From the field to the breakfast table - Minderleinsmühle relies on Infor M3

3 min read Apr 16, 2019

In order to maintain a successful course and to best manage constantly increasing demand, the German organic specialist Minderleinsmühle decided to modernise its ERP-landscape. After an intensive selection phase, the ERP-project with BE-terna and the Infor-M3-based industry solution BE-Process started at the end of February 2019.

Highest quality - this is what Minderleinsmühle demands not only in raw materials and its own products, but also in its IT-system.

Their previous ERP-solution no longer met these requirements due to a lack of further development and support, and so the decision was made to switch to a modern, future-proof solution. In the selection process, direct contact was made with the providers in order to gain an impression not only of the solutions used, but also of the consulting teams involved.

Dr. Thomas Zeller, managing director of Minderleinsmühle, took an in depth role in  the selection process and says:

During the analysis of the main and detailed processes in the joint workshops, BE-terna was able to convince both with the product Infor M3 and their consulting team.

The right ingredients

With Infor M3, Minderleinsmühle expects to successfully optimise production and materials management, map processes throughout the entire supply chain, and provide a unified financial management database, even across multiple sites, thanks to the multi-site capabilities of Infor M3. In addition, purchasing and production planning will take place directly in the ERP-system and, by linking automated warehouse systems, planning can be carried out using real-time data from logistics.

From the breakfast table back to the field  

To ensure complete traceability of all ingredients, Minderleinsmühle also relies on Infor's Graphical Lot Tracker. Individual batches can be traced graphically from any point in the supply chain, whilst product groups within certain batches can be identified with a mouse click, and suppliers or customers can be informed directly about any deviations.

A particular highlight of the industry solution is dynamic recipe development:  Minderleinsmühle traditionally offers its customers the greatest possible individuality in the development of recipes. Thanks to Infor M3, these recipes will be directly available in the new ERP system for all planning and production processes.

About Minderleinsmühle GmbH & Co. KG

Minderleinsmühle, from the Franconian town of Neunkirchen am Brand, is one of the largest dried natural food producers in the German-speaking world. At two locations in Franconia and in Vogtland, Saxony, over 450 employees produce natural, ecologically and sustainably produced food. The family business produces high-quality cereal products, mueslis, chocolate, pastries and savoury snacks. Their wide range of products includes innovative and high-quality private label products for international customers in the food industry, but also typical mill products for mill shops, health food stores and other shops. Among Minderleinsmühle's own brands, "Rosengarten" is the most recognised.

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