BSTN Store GmbH: Business Central and BE-terna for Fashion? Ideal for strong growth.
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BSTN Store GmbH: Business Central and BE-terna for Fashion? Ideal for strong growth.

4 min read Nov 08, 2021

BSTN Store GmbH
BSTN Store GmbH

BSTN is a provider of street and premium sportswear with over 100 brands in its range, including the strong in-house brands BSTN and Beastin. The Munich-based company already generates its turnover internationally primarily through e- and social commerce. In 2020, the company decided to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and BE-terna's industry solution for Fashion as a flexible ERP system in the cloud. Currently, around 100 people work with the system at BSTN.

After a remarkably short analysis phase followed immediately by the start of the project work, a successful go-live with all specified processes took place after only half a year.

Best conditions for further webshop expansion

In addition to the web shop integration and master data management with all relevant item information, the project also included the internationalisation of the web shop into several countries via local languages and currencies. Furthermore, a hand scanner-based central warehouse logistics system with flexible picking methods (multi-level picking / multi-order picking / single item picking etc.) is used. BE-POS was rolled out as the POS software solution for the company's own branches, including floor space management. Also integrated were finance and a BI system with extensive analysis options regarding the various online marketing channels and CRM activities.

The high level of inventory transparency - from the tracking of goods in transit, to the central warehouse, to the POS - is particularly convincing. Thanks to the fast and flexible logistics, the finance integration and the Azure environment with fast scalability, BSTN is well prepared for further webshop expansion into different countries and markets.

BSTN is highly convinced

Frank Hein, the project manager at BSTN, has a clear opinion of the project: "The great experience in the industry is a very important factor that clearly speaks for BE-terna in our eyes when choosing an ERP system: 
Business Central and BE-terna's industry solution for fashion are a great fit for companies that are developing from a start-up to an established player. 
On the one hand, the core processes are well structured, but on the other hand, the companies are not overwhelmed by the system."

He sees another major advantage in the fact that the implementation can be carried out so quickly - also due to the use of proven industry standard processes - that the project does not put the companies' growth on-hold.
As a company in a market that is currently developing very dynamically, you cannot afford to tie up the organisation for a long period of time with a large IT implementation project.
For us, it was crucial to be able to switch quickly from the implementation project to live operation," says Frank Hein.

In addition, he is also convinced by the modular structure, both with regard to the ERP system itself and the connection of external applications, such as an e-commerce system: "The modular design allows us to use the platform for a long time. We assume that we will be able to achieve the ambitious company goals for the next five years on the existing platform, of course with continuous further development."

Julian Hesselbach, project manager at BE-terna GmbH, also draws a thoroughly positive conclusion. He particularly emphasises the strong teamwork:
During the entire time, I felt an enormous motivation among all those involved to quickly lead the project to a successful go-live!
All users at BSTN showed a high level of willingness and motivation to rely on proven standard processes. This enabled us to achieve our goals in the best possible way.

About BSTN

BSTN opened its first store in Munich in 2013, but very quickly put a strong focus on e- and social commerce and consequently on international expansion. In addition to the two own brands BSTN and Beastin, the BSTN range for men, women and children includes numerous international top brands for street and premium sportswear, such as Nike, Jordan, Adidas, Stone Island and Polo Ralph Lauren, as well as trendy niche brands such as Stüssy, Patta and Casablanca.

Inspired by the basketball and hip-hop culture of the 90s, since day one BSTN has stood for distinctive but timeless styles, spectacular releases and limited products that are only available at a few, selected retailers worldwide. BSTN is therefore not just a retailer, but a style influencer in its community, deeply rooted in the history and culture of streetwear and premium sportswear.

Thanks to these foundations and constant growth, BSTN has become one of Europe's top addresses for sneakers and premium sportswear within just a few years.

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