adicom-solutions: Comprehensive Reporting with Qlik Sense
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adicom-solutions: Comprehensive Reporting with Qlik Sense

4 min read Jan 12, 2021


adicom-solutions is a company with a focus on HR solutions and which stands for long-term and sustainable relationships with its customers. With newly established and integrated reporting in Qlik Sense, their solutions for time recording, time management and resource planning are able to provide their customers with even greater added value.

Personnel time management via a simple mouse "qlik”

adicom-solutions has been offering its customers various HR solutions for many years. In order to provide customers with more insights into personnel time management, a separate reporting system was integrated 20 years ago. With the introduction of a new interface with a web-based view, the question arose as to whether the existing reporting would continue to meet continuously expanding requirements in the future, or whether it was time for a more modern data integration and analysis platform. As a result of a recommendation from a customer, adicom-solutions discovered the Qlik data analysis platform. Manfred Silbermann is enthusiastic:

Qlik Sense convinced us immediately because it fits our applications perfectly. On the one hand, the simplicity of creating reports spoke in favour of the solution, and on the other hand, there was the performance of these reports.

The visual presentation was of secondary importance, as this is usually very satisfactory with almost all providers of business intelligence software. The decisive factor was rather the compatibility with their own system, as well as the performance. The selection process thus proved to be very simple and fast.

Cooperation with the BE-terna consultants also works excellently. We were able to directly create new reporting templates for our customers, test them and pass them on to the customers

adds Manfred Silbermann.

Targeted use of employee qualifications and skills

Through the connection of Qlik-Sense to the various solutions provided by adicom-solutions, every customer is able to find reports that are suitable for them. The requirements are often similar, so that the various reports, which access the respective data of the different solutions, are of interest to many customers.

In personnel time management, for example, it is often of interest to display flexitime, remaining holidays and absences along with sick leave rates for the whole year.

In personnel resource planning, the qualifications and skills of employees are considered. With Qlik Sense, it is possible to see in advance whether enough employees with the appropriate qualifications and skills are employed or whether new positions will have to be created in the near future in order to avoid a bottleneck. This makes it possible to act with foresight and to plan staff and related training accordingly. The clear presentation of this data in Qlik Sense makes this process uncomplicated.

Intelligent Data Transformation

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Success with the right human resources strategy

In order to display the company’s affiliations and thus view the distribution and ageing of employees, Qlik Sense accesses the data in the personnel master database, which can also be called up and analysed in an appealing visual style for the employees.

The feedback from our customers has been very positive. At first, our customers are sometimes a little sceptical, but the benefits quickly outweigh this. Our customers now have all the company data directly at their fingertips and can plan and control their staff more precisely

says Manfred Silbermann.

If a customer has special requirements for which adicom-solutions has not yet developed a reporting template, these can be developed and then made available to other customers. In the future, several extensions are planned, so that the number of templates on offer will continue to increase. This will enable customers to choose from a multitude of reports in order to find one that is tailored to their requirements.

About adicom-solutions GmbH

adicom-solutions GmbH is a company with a focus on HR solutions. Over the decades, adicom has developed a sophisticated personnel time management system with fully integrated personnel resource planning, which is used in small and medium-sized companies as well as in large corporations. This sophisticated product can be implemented and operated in the IT environment of any company. In addition, each company can operate its system tailored to its own individual needs in the data centre hosted by adicom-solutions or in the cloud provided by adicom-solutions.

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