Anne: The BI-expert from Leipzig has fulfilled her dream of Tyrol with BE-terna

Anne: The BI-expert from Leipzig has fulfilled her dream of Tyrol with BE-terna

5 min read Nov 24, 2020

Anne works as a data engineer at BE-terna in Leipzig and has decided to move to the mountain region of Tyrol for one year. She told us how her career at BE-terna started and why she decided to change her location.

How did your career at BE-terna start?

I applied for a job as an ERP-Consultant directly after finishing my studies in 2015. In the end, this position did not work out. Instead, I was offered a position as a data engineer in the area of business intelligence, as the requirements fitted perfectly with the topics of my mathematics studies.

What is your task as a data engineer?

We at BE-terna try to make the life of our customers a bit easier by using business software solutions. In my case especially in the area of data and analysis. We load the data that is received by the ERP system and prepare it in such a way that the customer can display it, using various tools. We also support our customers in the visualization and creation of corresponding reports. My tasks cover all aspects, from consulting and conceptual design to the implementation of customer-specific requirements.

How has your job developed from the start until now?

Although studying mathematics provides a good basis for Business Intelligence, you only have limited experience right after graduation. Therefore, familiarization with the topics of data modeling, conceptual design and evaluation takes a lot of time at the beginning. Therefore I was even more excited about my first customer project in cooperation with my colleagues. Meanwhile I have a broad range of experience and carry out my own customer projects.

Why did you decide to move from Leipzig to Innsbruck?

Actually I have been part of the BE-terna team in Leipzig from the very beginning. The trigger for my wish to change location was an internal BI team event that took place in front of the beautiful mountain scenery of the Innsbruck Nordkette. The team colleagues, the city and the surrounding area with all its possibilities for sports simply convinced me. It was a gut feeling! I see my time here in Innsbruck as a kind of year abroad and I am very grateful to have this opportunity.

How did BE-terna support you in reaching your goals?

First of all I talked to my supervisor. He was totally hooked on the idea and saw it as a chance to bring the teams together more closely. Of course my colleagues in Leipzig were also sad about my change of location. But basically everyone was happy for me and even organized a farewell get-together for me. In general, the whole process went very smoothly. Afterwards I had an appointment with the HR department in Leipzig and in Innsbruck, the assignment was decided and approved. BE-terna also supported me in finding an apartment. The warm welcome of my team in Innsbruck, with meals together, made my start in Austria much easier.

From your point of view, what has the change brought for you?

The move to Austria has helped me on many levels to develop myself further. On the one hand you make new contacts, adapt to a new team and get to know new ways of working. Of course, there is a lot of agreement in the way we work here and in Germany, but still every team works a little bit differently and that is exciting to observe. On the other hand I have noticed that the change also strengthens the cooperation between the colleagues in Innsbruck and in Leipzig. Although digital communication through teams and other platforms work well, such an international, personal exchange is something completely different.

What are the differences between the BE-terna working environment in Innsbruck vs. Leipzig?

Basically my field of activity has hardly changed, as I am still assigned to the Leipzig location and support customers there. I am thrilled how smoothly the whole thing works remotely. Corona has made team building a bit more difficult, so I'm getting to know the everyday working life here in Innsbruck under special circumstances. Nevertheless, the team here makes the best of it. In Innsbruck I like to spend the lunch breaks together as much as possible. When the cups clatter in the coffee kitchen, small, cross-team meetings take place there spontaneously. That's great, because then you can get to know other colleagues. What is new for me is that I am the "hen in the basket", so to speak. In the Leipzig BI team, we women are in the majority. But at the end of the day it makes no difference and I feel very well received here

Are you already a real Tyrolean or are you planning to go back to good old Germany?

I am not yet drawn back again. I will make the most out of my stay in Tyrol. There is so much to discover. I do a lot of hiking and mountain biking, and I enjoy the new leisure activities that are offered here. There is so much to discover. I do a lot of hiking and mountain biking, i.e. in the mountains, and I enjoy the new leisure activities that are offered here. In Leipzig you go to the lake on a beautiful summer day, here in Innsbruck my hobbies definitely have shifted. I also try out a lot of new things and have discovered bouldering and skiing as new passions. After this year I will return home and can rightfully say that I really made the most of my time here at work and in my free time.

Do you have a recommendation for applicants who are interested in a position in Business Intelligence?

In order to work in business Intelligence, you should definitely have a certain affinity for data. You also have to be ambitious, as the subject areas are constantly evolving. But the most important thing is simply to stay on it and not give up. You should also be communicative and not shy away from customer contact.

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