Iva: A sneak peek inside the life of an Application Consultant

Iva: A sneak peek inside the life of an Application Consultant

3 min read Jul 30, 2020

Describe your working day at BE-terna.

It all starts with greetings and morning routines such as breakfast, coffee, tea, or juice. The daily stand-up meeting is the best way to step into a working day. Positive energy and good organization make tasks glide through the agile board as the day passes by. Lunch is a special treat in BE-terna, as you can sit with different people each day due to the big dining room, and approximately at the same lunchtime. Interaction with team members on various projects can be very interesting on a daily basis, especially when you are working with programmers or colleagues from abroad. Then you have an opportunity to learn new things and see how D365FO operates underneath the surface.

What skills do you need to do your job successfully?

Communication is always the first thing that crosses my mind when being asked about my job. Everyday communication with clients, written or oral, is the most important thing in a consultant’s job. Sometimes it can be hard, but sometimes it can bring to a long-term cooperation and even friendships. Curiosity and willingness to learn are the most wanted skills for working in a financial consultant line of business. 

What do you like about your work? 

I like to work with the ever-changing tool (D365FO) as the technology improves, but without losing the human interaction. A consultant’s job requires constant moving, traveling, meeting new people, interaction with different lines of business. Sometimes it seems to me that I work in a large number of different companies (manufacturers, construction, services, sales, transportation, etc.) and that dynamic spark is what keeps me motivated and happy.

What is the biggest challenge in your job?

Active listening to the client is the biggest challenge for me. A good understanding of clients’ needs is the most important thing and sometimes it can be very challenging. But independence to go through all the good and stressful experiences have molded me into the consultant that I am now.

What does BE-terna offer to employees?

 A dynamic, innovative, and multicultural environment filled with positive energy and knowledge-driven people. Working with the latest technology and ability to improve and develop in different areas of interest. And if you need a social component, then you are in the right place, because in BE-terna there are a lot of parties, traveling, teambuilding, mountaineering, sailing, and team running activities.

What has been your best experience at BE-terna?

Being a part of a team is the best experience at BE-terna.

How do you feel about teamwork at BE-terna? 

In BE-terna I have a perfect balance between independence and collaboration with team members. I crave for changes, so I enjoy changing between teams with each new project because I have an opportunity to meet new people, cultures, and countries. I can count on senior colleagues for help if I ever need it, and they are always accessible. There are some masterminds here that I am always eager to listen ;) and with every new project and experience sharing, I become a better team player.

What advice would you give to a newcomer at BE-terna?

Just take a deep breath and jump in. You will meet a lot of great people who will help you achieve your goals.

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