Express start with an all-in-one ERP solution for your growing business

Choose a standard comprehensive Microsoft cloud ERP solution for your business and benefit from fast implementation in just two weeks. Connect your business, make smarter decisions, and grow easily. Start with the essentials and expand as your business grows. 

All-in-one cloud business management solution specialised for professional services.

Business Central Express is a modern ERP solution specifically tailored for small and medium-size organisations that want to connect their finance, sales, service, and operations within a single easy-to-use cloud application. It is optimised for Professional Service organisations that want to improve their business without worrying about IT infrastructure.

Business Central Express is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution with standard functionalities that are fully localised for each specific market. Start small and fast with the Core package and add on additional functionalities at your own pace. 

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Why choose Business Central Express?

Packaged offering
Packaged offering

We have prepared a starter package called BC Express Core developed on the standard Dynamics 365 Business Central functionalities specifically tailored for companies in the Professional Service industry based on Microsoft best practices and BE-terna know-how. This means you can start fast with this world-renowned and trusted ERP solution at an affordable and fixed price. 

Specific delivery approach
Specific delivery approach

Business Central Express implementation has a self-led approach utilising additional professional guidance. This means that we will set up milestones, provide you with learning materials and guide you along your journey at your own pace. If these milestones are met, you can be up and running with this solution in just two weeks. 

Unique customer experience
Unique customer experience

Alongside regular software updates managed by Microsoft, we will work together on the Business Central Express roadmap. We actively collect all our BC Express customer feedback on additional set-up functionalities that would be useful. We incorporate the most popular suggestions in the future product roadmap, and develop them as standard functionalities included in our offerings.  

Expandable solution
Expandable solution

Business Central Express is developed in a way that you can start quickly and expand the solution further when you need it. Besides the Core package as a quick-start base, we have developed additional advanced packages for you to choose from. Furthermore, you can work on extending this solution when and how you need it, and at any point you can contact us if you need support or guidance along the way. 

A world-renowned ERP solution at your fingertips.

- Get your ticket to the world of the connected Microsoft ecosystem where you can work with world-renowned and trusted applications.

- Store your data in the most trusted and secure cloud platform.

- Work on any device from anywhere.

- Connect your teams and the entire business.

- Benefit from pre-setup role-based overviews of the business.

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Grow your business with Business Central Express

Business Central Express Core package has a predefined setup and data that enables fast and precise implementation. It was developed for an express start with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution and includes basic functionalities covering finance, sales, and purchasing, together with built-in integrations with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Outlook

This package includes access to the sandbox and production environment, pre-defined setup specifically tailored for companies within the professional service industry, regular software updates, migration templates, project plan and tasks, user documentation and video instructions. This package includes six days of BE-terna engagement on the project through dedicated workshops and live calls. 

Once you start with Business Central Express Core and become confident with this cloud business management solution, you might also want to have advanced finance, sales and purchasing functionalities. Get in touch with us, and with the same project approach, we will invest an additional four days of work to help you expand this solution.  

We are aware of the fact that not all companies in the Professional Services industry need inventory functionalities within the Business Central Express solution. That is why we have prepared this as a separate advanced package that you may select if you would like our support in setting this up. For an additional four days of our involvement, we will help you to upgrade your Business Central Express solution even further. 

With the Inventory functionality, you will have access to the following: item master data, lot and serial numbers, purchase quotes, purchase orders, purchase prices, purchase discounts, approval of purchase orders, item charges, sales orders, sales prices, sales discounts, transfer orders, item journals, physical inventory, delivery reminders and approval of sales orders. 

Project Management functionality in Business Central exists, but not all companies working in the Professional Services industry need it. That is why it is not set up in the starter Business Central Express Core package, but extending the solution with it is possible. Get in touch with us, and we can work together on setting up this functionality in Business Central for an additional two days of our time

Project Management functionality will give you access to project data, timesheets, timesheet approvals, project invoicing, WIP and revenue recognition, forecast vs. completed, project reports and analytics, job budgets and WIP methods. 

Business Central Express is an ideal business solution for professional service companies that:

• Lack the right tools and processes needed to ensure they achieve their goals and results

• Are dealing with a lack of information and inability to analyse business data and reporting

• Are having problems with manual processes, data duplication, unbundled systems

• Are using accounting software with certain limitations which is hindering business growth

• Are using multiple separate solutions and tools to complete certain tasks or processes

• Have outdated IT infrastructure and unsupported software versions


Unique implementation process

Business Central Express is BE-terna's specially designed business solution based on a self-led approach with additional professional guidance. We will set up milestones, provide you with learning materials and guide you along your journey at your own pace. This implementation process is divided into four implementation phases inspired by the agile approach.


First, we will introduce you to the rapid delivery plan, set up your user learning plan, cover basic processes and introduce you to migration rules.


In this phase, we will provide workshops to go through the configuration, user cases and data migration. 


In this phase, together, we will carry out a readiness review and final transition to the new business solution.


We will have the final Q&A session and project closure. 

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How much does it cost?

Full user Essentials license €70,8 per user/month

BC Express packages are licensed according to the SaaS model, which means a monthly license rental for each software user. In the monthly subscription model, the license doesn't become the client's property but is secured through a monthly lease of the software usage service.

Team member license €8,04 per user/month

A team member license is a named user subscription with limited access to Business Central. The user has full reading rights, but writing rights in the system are limited to updating existing data (e.g. existing customer, supplier or item record) and approving tasks. 

One-time implementation fees

The self-led approach with professional guidance makes implementation costs significantly more affordable than with the traditional approach. This means that you will embrace digital culture earlier in the process by having the tools in your hands and building this solution with us.   

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Ready to go to the cloud?

Business Central cloud enables businesses to grow at their own pace and adapt in real time. 

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Your entrance to the cloud platform with endless possibilities


one-time fee
  • Purchasing processes (items)
  • Purchasing prices and discounts
  • Sales processes (items)
  • Sales prices and discounts
  • Transfer orders
  • Physical inventory

Project Management

one-time fee
  • Timesheets
  • Project budgets
  • Project invoicing
  • Project analytics
  • Forecast vs. completed
Business Central Express benefits

Every business role will see the benefit


• Gain total control over your business and plan the company's growth.

• See impacts of operational processes on the financial area.

• Improve main business processes via a structured approach.

• Get real-time Power BI reporting based on ERP data.

• Make faster decisions and predictions thanks to dashboards with main KPIs. 

• Embrace modern team management.



• Manage risks at the right time with the help of real-time data.

• Benefit from automated and real-time reports: Income statement, Balance sheet, Cash flow.

• Get an overview of budgeting and comparisons between realised and budgeted data.

• Get dashboard for main KPIs based on ERP data.

• Integration of SCM and finance.

• With process automation redeploy employees to do "smarter" things.

Project Manager

• Manage projects with a proactive approach.

• Provides easy engagement for users.

• Track project plans and staff more efficiently.

• Benefit from automatic updates of new versions.

Accounting Manager

• Manage document approvals and different workflows.

• Easily monitor financial operations.

• Automate processes.

• Easily implement all new releases/legal requirements.

Everyday user

• Faster and more efficient collaboration through Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Outlook connections with the solution.

• Automatic postings due to system integration.

• Integration with Microsoft Office tools.

• Predefined setup and processes.

• Self-help through available Business Central materials.

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