Modern data integration

Accelerate your business strategy with real-time data

Enable better access to your data in real time with our end-to-end data integration solution.

A modern data integration solution

See how modern data integration delivers real-time, analytics-ready data to business users.

Data streaming CDC

  • Change data capture - CDC
  • Universal sources, targets, and platforms
  • Enterprise-wide monitoring and control

Data WH Automation

  • Real-time data ingestion and update
  • Automated and continuous refinement
  • Trusted, enterprise-ready data

Data Lake Creation

  • Real-time data streams
  • Trusted, enterprise-ready data
  • Automated and continuous refinement

From raw data to actionable insights

  • Integrate all your data from heterogeneous systems into a single simplified view
  • Automate the entire Data Warehouse lifecycle
  • Build and automate flexible Data Lakes
  • Leverage an enterprise data catalogue to deliver one source of truth for analytics
  • Stream real-time data to business units, all while reducing IT effort and costs
  • Change data capture (CDC) across the most comprehensive sources and target platform support​
  • Large volumes of heterogeneous data from different source systems​
  • Real-time delivery to streaming and cloud platforms, data warehouses, and data lakes
  • Real-time data integration​
  • Workflow designer and scheduler​
  • Monitoring and notifications of all tasks​
  • Data profiling and quality enforcement
  • Migration between environments
  • Automate analytics-ready data pipeline
  • Continuous integration for up-to-date data
  • Resilient to source schema drift
  • Easy data structuring and transformation
  • Historical data storage
  • Full data profile and automated data tagging
  • One simplified view of all your data
  • Actionable data on demand for various self-service tools
  • Simple drag-and-drop preparation steps to create new data sets
  • User access based on role
  • Complete governance and security
  • Real-time dashboards with KPIs
  • Automated data management and integration
  • Simplified management of Qlik Replicate across the entire enterprise
  • Easily define, synchronise and delete transactional data from non-production environments
  • Manage the whole data transformation process using a simple interface
  • Automate the selection of data and accelerate test cycles
  • Shorten transitions to test sites which will accelerate your SAP HANA modernisation

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