More efficiency in data analysis with Qlik
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More efficiency in data analysis with Qlik

5 min read Jan 26, 2020

Generali Slovenia
Generali Slovenia

Adriatic Slovenica (now Generali) is the second largest insurance company in Slovenia, with a highly developed market network and a wide range of services in the area of life, medical and property insurance.

Adriatic Slovenica believes that a successful use of BI systems, especially the QlikView solution, significantly improved their business success in the very first year of its use, significantly improving the quality of decision making. BI system is therefore developed into one of the key systems to achieve business success through development of substantial competitive advantages.

About Adriatic Slovenica (now Generali)

Adriatic Slovenica (now Generali) was founded through a merger of two successful Slovenian insurance companies. It is a modern insurer with its business based on highest ethical and professional principles. Adriatic Slovenica is on a good way to become the leader in the area of insurance and financial services in the region. The company owns highly developed business network with 9 business units and 157 sales points. This way, Adriatic Slovenica makes its services widely available not only for sales purposes, but also to provide full support for compensation requirements. In 2010, Adriatic Slovenica was the second largest insurance company in Slovenia with the total annual insurance premiums of 261 million euros.


After a merger of two insurance companies, the heterogeneous information systems could not ensure the required quality and transparency of information. Information, coming from five different information systems, were inconsistent and therefore difficult to analyze. For that reason decision making was practically impossible. Adriatic Slovenica decided to replace previous BI (Business Intelligence) solution, because it was unable to provide all necessary information, with the new one – based on Qlik platform.

The implementation of the new BI solution was carried out in two steps:

  • The first step was to provide a simple analysis of data from all available sources, to a wider range of users, in order to encourage the end-users to take part in the process of analysis. The main idea was to unload the IT department.
  • The second step was aimed at improving decision-making quality through a better understanding of the analytical data and mastering analytical processes. QlikView demonstrated the ability to achieve all the objectives required from the BI system. It allowed rapid consolidation of data from various sources, independent of end-users and extremely fast in performance, even in situations of analysis and research of hundreds of millions of documents.


QlikView solution linked the scattered information systems into a single reporting system. Users at all levels have been given the possibility to create effective and simple data analysis–from review of policies, insurances, premiums, claims and other relevant data categories(with the possibility of detailed reviews) to customer profitability analysis, risk segmentation, different accounting analysis, etc... Another important fact with the help of analytical data is that users can detect anomalies in the data transaction systems, which was absolutely impossible before the introduction of the QlikView.

QlikView’s intuitive user interface is an extremely powerful tool for users to explore the connections between data.

Janez Kralj, IT Support Director, Adriatic Slovenica d.d. (now Generali)


1. Quick and flexible segmentation

QlikView solution is successfully used in a phase of identification of different target groups in various marketing activities. QlikView performs analyses based on associations. This way it allows its users to set up financial and demographic criteria in a simple way and to design the desired insurance portfolio, thus interactively forming groups of users to whom they could turn to with specific offerings. Used in this way, QlikView increases the success of marketing activities. Before the introduction of QlikView, such analyzes, were prepared by the IT department and were available only after several days of data harmonization and data mining. Now, these analyses can be conducted by end-users in only a few minutes. Using the application at the operational level reduces costs of marketing activities, as the single campaign addresses smaller number of the insured.

2. Successfully on the way to the analytical organization

Adriatic Slovenica sought a solution for data analysis, which would enable end users to be analytically independent and to focus on values that are hidden in a large amount of data. One of the key criteria in settling with the QlikView was the ease of use for all types of users–the basic users did not require training, while the advanced ones attended a two-day training course where effective knowledge transfer was made. Business users quickly started to use the system and besides supplementing and updating standard reports and analyzes, they took over the development of new ones. QlikView has provided new and innovative insights into the collected data and brought the insurance company onto the way of greater competitiveness.

In order to prepare an insurance plan, the leading personnel in the business unit use QlikView. The business unit personnel are extremely satisfied with QlikView, which allows access to the desired data, absolutely necessary in daily work, confirmed the Director of Business Unit, Adriatic Slovenica (now Generali)

Qlik Analytics Platform

Connect data and improve decision making


Overall Benefits

  • Continuous monitoring of realization
  • Preparation of data for marketing purposes
  • Independence of business users in the development of various analyses, e.g. evaluation of suppliers, client’s risk assessment, etc.
  • Tools for medical services cost control
  • Relief of the transaction system
  • Detection of anomalies in the transaction system

With the same costs we can quickly perform multiple target-oriented marketing campaigns and therefore sell more insurance policies. On the other hand, the higher success estimation improves the profitability of a particular campaign, says Janez Kralj, IT Support Director, Adriatic Slovenica (now Generali).

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