CRM 360° BI solution

Get a full overview of your customer data with the CRM 360° BI solution

Enrich your CRM information with insights from your ERP-system to have all the necessary customer data at a glance.

Explore the benefits of one of our most popular BI solutions

  • Get a full overview of your customer data
  • Monitor your business health with KPIs across your customer journey
  • Track previous activities and plan future ones 
  • Oversee the status of open sales orders
  • Check the performance of each product in comparison to previous years
  • Analyse revenue by product category
  • Keep an eye on open invoices
  • Enable sales people to have access to all insights

Use Cases

Use the same reports and data sets in the background to generate the right visualisation for different audiences. 
Management Dashboard

Have all management-relevant information available to improve decision-making:

  •     KPI Monitoring
  •     Benchmark
360° View

Enable your sales management to get a full and dynamically filterable view of:

  • a customer
  • a salesperson
  • a sales region
  • a business unit
  • etc.

D365 Integration

Facilitate your field service employees with an overview of all relevant customer data to plan the next steps more efficiently.

  • Display matching insights directly in the application
  • e.g. customer form

Track all company-related data of your customers