Take control of your users in
D365/FO AX2012

Improve your experience with our upgrade for user management solutions. We ensure users have the right to access, minimise administrative overhead, enforce compliance and reduce costs. Harness the power of a secure and efficient D365 FO environment today.  

Why do you need to be aware of access and security?


  • Ensure system users have sufficient access to perform their business processes  
  • Limit access to sensitive information  
  • Void excess element  


  • Determine who can do what  
  • Minimise the number of system administrators  
  • Ensure division of labour   
  • User access to document (especially for sensitive information)  
  • Reduce licence fees  

Content in a Security Framework

  • Highest level of security  
  • +240 roles are included  
  • Assign to user  
  • Collection of tasks  
  • Access to perform a business process  
  • +2,400 work tasks included  
  • Usable for SoD (Segregation of Tasks)  
  • Aggregation of rights  
  • Add a security element  
  • +16,700 permissions included  
  • Add to access forms the button, list, etc.   
Security framework

What is BE-terna's approach?

Our approach to roles

OUR approach to tasks

  • We only add custom roles   
  • We only use number ranges such as 100, 101, 102 to separate standard roles   
  • When we add tasks to the role, we do so with respect to licence fees  

Defining roles:

  • We create a list of all tasks and add them to each role for when access is needed  
  • Visible for IT audit to see who does what in the organisation  
  • Potential displacement process in the organisation due to licensing  
  1. We create tasks that compare your business processes 1:1   
  2. We define the organisation's business processes   
  3. We add roles and rights if needed   
  4. Using number ranges 100, 101, 102 to separate standard tasks  
  5. We take into account the licence  

Getting a framework were;​

  • We have reusable, business-approved "LEGO bricks" that can be reused anywhere  
  • If there is a process change, we only need to change it in one place: the actual task  
Recorded webinar

Upgrade security and take control over your users - D365/AX 2012

Watch our recorded webinar in which our expert Jesper Bitsch Petersen explains the importance of upgrading your security and access.  
The recording includes a DEMO of the D365FO environment.

Limited time offer!

Security Model Workshop

Contact us for the workshop agenda and more information!

We are currently offering a workshop where we will go through your current system and settings and create a plan for how to take you from your current state to the desired situation.  

The offer includes:

  • Expected timeline  
  • Budget  
  • Cost reduction for licences  
  • Workshop of 2 to 3 hours  
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