Less time spent on reporting, more efficient business decision-making
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Less time spent on reporting, more efficient business decision-making

3 min read Sep 01, 2019

Zoo Hobby
Zoo Hobby

For the love of pets

ZOO Hobby is a wholesale firm with the Zoo City retail chain specialising in the sale of pet products. The company’s vision is to create the most desirable shopping destination for pet products. To achieve that, ZOO Hobby takes an individual approach towards every customer to meet the specific needs of their pets. The company’s portfolio nowadays includes over 20 specialized suppliers, including well-known brands such as Orijen, Acana, Interquell, Trixie, MSD and Bayer. They distribute nearly 10,000 items from the pet health and care range to the Croatian, Serbian and Slovenian markets. ZOO Hobby employs over 200 employees who are daily driven by the motto: “for the love of the pets”.

Continuous improvements to keep a competitive advantage on the market

Although ZOO Hobby is currently the leading supplier and distributor of pet’s health and care products in SE Europe, they are continuously investing in technologies to improve and keep a competitive advantage on the market. As the company continues to grow, they have decided to replace the local systems with one more serious and robust solution by advancing operations with Business Intelligence, to help make prompt and reliable decisions based on actual data. This is the main reason why ZOO Hobby decided to choose Qlik as the best BI solution for their needs. With the new solution, ZOO Hobby wanted to make necessary changes and improvements in the areas of warehouse stock optimisation and salesperson performance improvement. The main reasons for introducing the new Qlik solution was to improve the automation of manual work, reduce the time needed for reporting and analysis, get more flexible data access, and data availability for everyone (from administration to retail).


The implementation of the new solution was divided into two phases:
Phase 1 – Implementation of the Qlik and printing solutions for automatic reporting distribution.

Phase 2 – Introduction of the self-service BI solution for mid and high-level management and store personnel.

Intelligent Data Transformation

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By implementing the Qlik solution, the company has secured a modern business intelligence that derives from knowledge of customer needs and accumulated work experience.

Qlik is designed to consolidate all the important data from different sources into one location. It gives them better control over the data and the entire sales process through an interactive interface. Stores automatically receive daily reports on the sales performance and results while the management gets regular weekly general overview reports. This implementation has resulted in less time spent on report preparation, downloading and processing data. Employees now spend their useful time on quality analysis and making decisions. The Qlik solution has given them a much better insight into the movement of their internal trends (as time goes by) and increased confidence in the purchasing department (they have real figures, so they feel safer when making decisions about ordering new goods). The Qlik solution brought more precise KPI measurement tracking, automated stock ordering, improved tracking of sales goals per person, improved store operations performance, better warehouse stock optimisation, better tracking of key revenue strings, etc.

Future plans involve mutual cooperation between ZOO Hobby and BE-terna, which reflects in the continuous improvement and upgrade of the Qlik solution with the aim of further advancing customer satisfaction and helping them meet their future goals and needs. One of the future milestones is the connection of a new ERP solution with Qlik and the upgrade of the current loyalty program in order to better serve ZOO Hobby’s customers.

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