Weckerle Holding GmbH: en-route to cloud brilliance with Dynamics 365!
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Weckerle Holding GmbH: en-route to cloud brilliance with Dynamics 365!

3 min read Jan 12, 2018

Successful global colour cosmetics industry company Weckerle uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 and BE-terna. The manufacturer of cosmetics and lipstick production facilities is readying itself for the future with a forward-looking move to cloud.

Two sectors – one solution

Weckerle Holding GmbH is active in two different industries. One is the process industry, the other is discrete manufacturing – a challenge faced by its business software too. Weckerle plans to use Microsoft Dynamics 365 for finance and operations and BE-terna solutions to consolidate all areas of the company in one software solution – one that will make the current heterogeneous system landscape a thing of the past. What’s more, not only will this holistic approach to both sectors reduce the effort involved in implementation, it will also ensure a faster roll-out. BE-terna’s industry solutions complement the standard Dynamics 365 configuration and guarantee competent management of all sector-typical challenges, such as compliance with industry standards, formula development and management or batch tracing.

Cloud impresses

Weckerle and its users are looking forward to moving to the cloud with the new ERP system and benefiting from the range of possibilities a future-proof solution has to offer. The advantages for the lipstick specialist are clear to see:

  • Low initial investment costs
  • Plannable costs
  • Maintenance by experts
  • Flexibility & scalability
  • Geo-redundant data backup
  • The highest security standards
  • Mobile access

A solution that grows with you

With this new highly scalable software solution Weckerle can continue to pursue its growth strategy. The modular-design ERP application can be added to with custom solutions and functions and expanded as needed, quickly and cost-effectively. Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers the following business advantages for Weckerle Holding GmbH:

  • Quicker, more efficient business processes
  • Increased data transparency
  • Deeper process integration with customers and suppliers
  • Optimised production process management
  • Better and more reliable decisions
  • Low follow-up costs for new releases/upgrades

About Weckerle Holding GmbH

A successful global family-run company in the colour cosmetics sector, Weckerle is split into two corporate divisions – Cosmetics and Machines. Since Weckerle entered the cosmetic processing market when it invented the full world’s first fully automatic lipstick casting machine, it has increased in prominence and enjoys an outstanding reputation among its customers. A leading manufacturer in the cosmetics industry, Weckerle Cosmetics brings constant innovation to all aspects of contract manufacturing with an extensive service for the product categories lips, eyes, face, and body. The services range from concept design, formula development and the production and development of packaging right through to bulk production and bottling.

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