Nordiska Kompaniet: A new kind of e-commerce
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Nordiska Kompaniet: A new kind of e-commerce

3 min read Jul 01, 2021

Nordiska Kompaniet
Nordiska Kompaniet
The future is online. This is some of the trends that are currently seen in the retail industry. This was also something the Swedish retailer and department store organization, Nordiska Kompaniet saw. To meet this trend, Nordiska Kompaniet chose to approach this with a new kind of e-commerce. They aligned their new implementation, Microsoft Dynamics 365 with their new e-commerce and now they are ready to conquer the world. Nordiska Kompaniet is now where their customers are, and they are able to deliver their exclusive service at all time and place – both online and in the department stores. 

Nordiska Kompaniet

Nordiska Kompaniet (NK) is an old organization, who started their journey back in 1902, with the founder Josef Sachs. Since then, they have become one of Sweden’s largest departments organizations, with more than 110 NK department stores. Throughout their time, NK have always kept a finger on the pulse, and have been the first department store in Sweden to have escalators, launch jeans, LEGO, frozen vegetables and so on. Moreover, this feeling of being ‘the first with the latest’ is a part of the organisation’s philosophy, and this was also why they wanted to rethink the way of running an e-commerce.  

Offline or/and online?

NK is a well-established offline retailer, however as time changed, they had a vision of establishing an e-commerce. Moreover, even though the individual department stores are a part of the NK organization, there was not a coherence between the organization and the department stores. This meant that there was much unused potential for NK, both in relation to establishing more alignment and cohesion between the department stores and establishing an e-commerce. Furthermore, it was important that the e-commerce reflected the overwhelming and exclusive feeling and look the department stores have. This meant that the platform needed to invite to the same exclusive customer experience as the customers gain in the offline department stores. Moreover, it was also important that the e-commerce platform became a common trading place for the NK sellers.  

An exclusive e-commerce

The solution to NK’s e-commerce and alignment problem was to upgrade the ERP-system to a Microsoft Dynamics 365. The fact that the system is a One Version means that the organization always will be ‘first to the latest’ on their ERP-system. The system has been used as a base for the e-commerce NK has established. This entails that all department stores have the same cohesive system to operate on. The Dynamics 365, which is used as a base for the e-commerce, also handle aspects such as logistics, customer service, payments, and other things. This means that the implementation of the Dynamics 365 has become a breeding ground for further establishments within the organization.  

“Creating an e-commerce site for our customers and gathering our departments and retailers under NK’s brand has been an important project for us. BE-terna’s understanding of the complexity of our business has therefore been valuable to us during the project.” says Henrik Andreasson, CEO of NK. 

New opportunities 

The overall outcome of NK’s implementation of Dynamics 365 and the establishment of an e-commerce marketplace, means that NK now is ready to conquer the World. Moreover, with the market moving towards mostly online sales, NK is now available exactly where their customers are. The new implementation also entails that the departments in NK now align under the NK brand and the customer experience is kept at its exclusive position. The new e-commerce and alignment also mean that NK can launch even more brands and expand continuously with more department stores. 

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