Modulor: art supplies retailer optimizes logistics processes with the BE-terna Reactor Platform
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Modulor: art supplies retailer optimizes logistics processes with the BE-terna Reactor Platform

4 min read Oct 12, 2023

Modulor, a well-established concept store in Berlin, was faced with the challenge of making its complex warehouse processes more efficient and mobile. The implementation of the BE-terna Reactor Platform has now enabled Modulor to improve its warehouse logistics significantly, reduce errors, and thus save costs.

Since it was founded in the 1980s, Modulor has been the place to go for everyone who wants to design and be creative. In addition to the concept store spanning more than 3,000 m2 with more than 35,000 products and competent advice, the company also runs a large online store. For this purpose, it rented a large logistics warehouse in Berlin Schönefeld, Germany, some years ago, which is operated by its subsidiary "Modulor Produktions- und Logistik GmbH".

Complex and error-prone logistics processes at Modulor

The logistics processes in place in Schönefeld were protracted and prone to errors. Each and every item in the wide range featuring many small articles had to be individually identified. Warehouse storage codes were often assigned by hand and then entered manually in the office. This frequently resulted in errors and unnecessary delays, which had consequences right through to picking, which is why the company was looking for a mobile solution to improve these processes.


Seamless integration: the Reactor Platform from BE-terna

Modulor set great store by being actively involved and able to make adjustments at any time, which narrowed down the range of possible solutions. Ultimately, it decided on the Reactor Platform from BE-terna. The platform makes it possible to develop individual user applications directly in the ERP system – the changes then result directly in a mobile application.

The availability of a special solution for the logistics sector was also a decisive advantage over other vendors. This provided a sound basis that Modulor merely needed to adapt to suit its specific requirements – a task which was made easier by the available centralized source code compiling. The platform offers developers the possibility of working in their familiar ERP programming environment and integrating hardware and software seamlessly at the same time. No prior knowledge of native programming or hardware is required. All the more detailed functions are available on the platform and easy to use.

Sascha Biesel, developer at Modulor: 

“Getting started with the platform posed no problems. We were pleasantly surprised at how little support we needed, and, when we did, BE-terna stepped in quickly and professionally."

"We were particularly impressed by the clear separation between the display solution and process control, which allowed us to make adjustments and add features without compromising the integrity of the core solution.” 

Increased efficiency, cost savings, and optimized work environment

The new mobile application has helped Modulor save €35,000 as well as 165 person-days per year. The dramatic reduction in the number of errors ensured problem-free picking and minimized delays.

The challenges in Modulor’s logistics processes had an impact on both operational efficiency and the working environment of the warehouse personnel, but the integration of the new application has now improved things decisively across the board. The protracted and error-prone manual assignment of warehouse storage codes is now a thing of the past. In addition, communication and visits between the warehouse and office have been optimized, resulting in a more efficient and agreeable working environment.

Reliable partnership: Modulor’s experience with BE-terna

Rene Roling, Head of Business Operations at Modulor, was full of praise for the collaboration with BE-terna:

“I have been working in the industry for many years and with a wide range of different companies, but rarely have I experienced such a reliable partnership. I would 100% recommend BE-terna.” 

The solution has not only increased operational efficiency but also contributed to preserving the company’s competitiveness in a dynamically changing business world. Modulor remains a place of inspiration and creative exchange, while simultaneously benefiting from the advantages of digital transformation.


A ready-to-use Application Development Platform

BE-terna Reactor Platform for Developer is a platform that makes it super easy to develop user applications directly in the ERP system.

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