I am not entirely satisfied with my Microsoft partner for CRM, what can I do?

I am not entirely satisfied with my Microsoft partner for CRM, what can I do?

5 min read Sep 21, 2020

If you have found yourself asking this question – you may not be alone. It happens sometimes!

In the last decade or more, many businesses may have chosen a Microsoft CRM Partner that was the most affordable for their needs at that time. However, while their businesses have expanded, their CRM solutions have become less effective with each passing year.

This is actually not necessarily a problem, it is even quite normal (you can read more about this in our blog – “10 things to consider before purchasing a CRM solution”. The problem is that while your business has been growing, your CRM Partner may have been stagnating in their solution knowledge, perhaps they don’t know your industry requirements, and because of this they don’t understand what you need. On top of all these problems, your partner’s responsiveness time may also have become slower than watching grass grow.

Finding a new Microsoft Support partner for CRM doesn’t have to mean buying a new solution

And maybe here you are, thinking about how much time you have wasted on waiting, how many business opportunities you might have missed because your CRM is not powerful enough anymore, feeling stressed about it every day. You can stop this! As with couples who can separate if they can’t find common ground, you too can “separate” from your current solution partner and find one that will not just understand your requirements, but also one that complements your business. And you know what? Changing your solution partner is much easier than a romantic separation! Your new partner will help you with their better understanding of industry needs, faster response times, and with the best professionals to find a way of keeping your existing code and to help you fill the gap between the code and the actual needs. So, instead of building you an expensive new house, they will help you to make your existing one function better.

Why is it important to have a qualified Microsoft Support partner for CRM?

One of the biggest issues with such a project is that the development may have begun almost a decade previously, bringing along with it a lot of legacy code, mixed with different coding styles, specific to each developer. With technology constantly changing, and coding approaches always evolving, the complexity has also grown exponentially. Microsoft constantly introduce new features within their CRM core, and changes to the system can happen overnight, potentially damaging the functionality of the CRM. As an implementor of CRM, you always have to strive to give customers the most stable system possible, but this can prove harder and harder to achieve. This is why it is important that you have a qualified Microsoft Support partner for CRM who knows how to “crack” these challenges.  

What is the process of changing to a different Microsoft partner?

Based on our experiences with our clients who have decided to switch from their previous Microsoft Support partner to us at BE-terna, we have designed 5 steps:

1. We analyse the current solution implementation

Each client customises their CRM to their own specific needs, so the first task for us is to analyse the customer’s current solution - Does it have any 3rd party connected solutions? What is working and what is not? Which parts of the solutions are they using and which are they not? During this process we take into account industry specifics, customer needs, their business processes, users expectations, and of course what kind of issues the client has with their current solution.

2. We document users’ expectations and requirements

The most important part during the analysis is to talk with the users of the solutions. Working together with them helps us to design a suitable solution to not just current customer needs, but their future needs as well. It is important that the end users are satisfied with the solution – since they will be the ones who will be using it every day. On the other hand, customers sometimes don’t know that they can speed up or optimise their CRM processes with new IT logic – and that’s where we can help.

3. Fixing and upgrading (Action!)

Now is the time to get work done. We will take care of any bugs, issues or challenges, and we will upgrade your version if necessary, so that you can focus more on your business and not need to spend time on illogical workarounds.

4. Testing together with a client 

In every new implementation, and with updates, we take care to ensure that everything works as it should. We test the code, the steps, and the business processes to ensure that everything runs perfectly. 

5. Congratulations, you are covered!

The last step is to finally start using the new updated solution, and if you happen to find a bug or if something goes awry, you don’t have to worry about it – we will be there to help you out with ongoing additional support. 

Start your digital transformation journey today and discover what’s possible for your business tomorrow - contact us for more information.

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