Straub Verpackungen prepares for the future
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Straub Verpackungen prepares for the future

4 min read Mar 15, 2018


Straub Verpackungen is a family company with more than 570 employees which specialises in the manufacture of high-quality packaging solutions made from corrugated cardboard. To promote innovation and prepare itself optimally for the future, the packaging specialist from the Black Forest uses strong CRM solutions from Microsoft and BE-terna.

Optimum sales with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement

Over 420 tonnes – daily! That is the volume of corrugated cardboard produced every day at Straub Verpackungen. That’s because not only does the traditional company produce packaging, it also produces the material used to manufacture it. 420 tonnes of corrugated cardboard is equal to approximately 135 football fields. Producing a volume of this scale efficiently and distributing it optimally too requires a smart CRM solution.

So far, the packaging manufacturer’s sales and marketing division has reaped the rewards of a very successful sales philosophy. But the consecutively arranged workflows and systems were characterised by a lot of manual work without any central working medium – both in the sales departments as well as interdepartmentally. It was time to integrate a standardised company-wide, modern CRM platform: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement.

Straub is taking a step forwards on the path towards digitalisation and has set itself the following objectives to be achieved through the implementation of this new system:

  • Increased productivity in the sales process
  • Better flow of information
  • 360° customer view incl. ERP data
  • Shorter throughput times for sales-oriented development orders
  • Pleasure in working with CRM and a high acceptance rate
  • Sales management aided by customised dashboards and quick analyses
  • Largely standardised implementation with a cloud-based CRM system integrated in Microsoft Office 365

Intelligent solutions – stronger together!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement is the premium CRM solution from Microsoft. It contains all CRM applications – from Sales and Marketing right through to Customer Service. Going forward Straub will use the Sales module to optimise its processes in the sales division. This will enable the packaging specialist to boost its sales effectiveness with precision objectives, results monitoring and real-time feedback. Analytical dashboards also offer a more straightforward means of setting targets, while helping to continuously monitor results and ensure deviations are dealt with properly. Added to this, sales processes are made considerably more straightforward with the extensive possibilities of Office 365, which will allow Straub’s employees to use familiar tools like Excel and Outlook in their procurement process.

The CRM industry solution for the manufacturing industry complements the standard version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement and guarantees competent handling of all industry-typical challenges. With functions like potential management, Straub can import addresses and create, maintain, and categorise potentials. Personalised dashboards with customised number formats and a 360° customer view provide an improved means of managing sales. What's more, thanks to its customer-specific order management, the CRM industry solution enables automatic quote generation incl. order tracking and editing. The customer history is already integrated here. Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and partner BE-terna, Straub is now fully equipped and free to move forward on the path towards digitalisation.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Get ready for the digital future

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Optimised sales and marketing processes

Straub is regarded as a leader in innovation on the market and that is something customers should get a clear feel for in the evolution of its sales and marketing processes. As such it was important to incorporate BE-terna’s CRM best practices early on in the design phase.

On this basis it was possible to define an inter-company requirement concept within a relatively short period of time. An agile approach was adopted for the implementation project and the project was divided up into several releases.

Project results

  • 360° customer view incl. ERP data
  • Shorter throughput times for sales-oriented development orders
  • Optimised sales management
  • Integration in Microsoft Office 365
  • Dashboards and quick analyses
  • Better flow of information
  • High user acceptance rate

About Straub Verpackungen

Corrugated cardboard from the Black Forest – that is Straub Verpackungen. Of course it goes without saying that Straub – a seventh generation family company – has now evolved into something far bigger: a comprehensive partner in all things packaging for customers in Germany, France, Austria, and Switzerland. As well as supplying products, Straub prides itself in delivering impressive solutions that bring Straub magic to life every day anew. Much of this is down to quality and innovation, but also trust, responsibility and honesty. Straub Verpackungen now employs more than 570 members of staff and can look back on almost 200 years of successful history.

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