Finstral AG - Added insight for leading window/door manufacturers
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Finstral AG - Added insight for leading window/door manufacturers

5 min read Mar 30, 2017


Prior to Microsoft Dynamics CRM being introduced, customer relationship management was a little more complicated. Although CRM functionalities were integrated into ERP in-house development, they were only used and maintained by the sales office and front office. The sales force had no mobile access, was working with confusing Excel lists and drew up notes during customer visits, which were subsequently entered into the ERP system. This meant that real-time data was not guaranteed, a 360° customer view was practically unavailable and the process was error-prone and costly, making efficient sales management impossible. Special ratios could only be determined with difficulty.

Perfect integration into the existing Microsoft infrastructure

In order to avoid these data and media breaks and to be able to actively manage and control sales, Finstral made the decision to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM by BE-terna. “We had previously evaluated several well-known CRM systems that were functionally comparable. Ultimately, we opted for Dynamics CRM, partly because Microsoft fits better into our software and infrastructure landscape”, argued Markus Dettori, Finstral CRM Manager.
The flexibility was also an important factor for us. Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be perfectly adapted into our complex requirements. We were able to carry out minor amendments quickly and simply ourselves. With BE-terna, we have a highly experienced partner on side when it comes to major amendments.
added Markus Dettori, Finstral CRM Manager.

Complete mapping of dealer management and direct sales

The aim of the CRM project was to establish a standardised platform for customer and dealer management, thereby ensuring cross-divisional control. From a user perspective, it was important to have a 360° view of both direct customers and dealers at the touch of a button, saving considerable time when preparing and implementing visits. A particular challenge in the CRM project was mapping dealer management, which is fairly comprehensive at Finstral. With 1,200 specialist dealers, Finstral is represented in 16 countries in Europe and is always keen to further develop sales through the dealer channel. Microsoft Dynamics CRM now enables optimisation of dealer management as a whole, bringing added transparency into the development process of the dealers. This means Finstral sales is able to develop the dealer channel systematically and in a goal-oriented manner. Microsoft Dynamics CRM supports the definition and monitoring of dealer targets, helping to measure and permanently improve the effectiveness of the dealer channel.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

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Added transparency in sales and project business

A further major advantage is the mapping of the project or object business The CRM gives each Finstral sales representative full transparency over the projects that they are in direct control of. All information relating to a project is available at the push of a button - starting with the project volume, the processors/dealers involved and the competitors to be offered. Likewise, sales management can quickly and easily gain an overview of the project pipeline and the status in each of the individual projects, identifying current sales opportunities and increasing the likelihood of closing. For Dettori, the greatest benefit can primarily be seen in sales. Sales management has a more comprehensive overview of all information and activities in the respective sales field and can better control and monitor sales.
Operating Microsoft Dynamics CRM is fun for employees, and they constantly bring in new ideas, which we are incorporating into the further development of the solution. The collaboration between the office and the sales force, product management and front office has considerably improved thanks to the new CRM system.
enthuses Markus Dettori, Finstral AG CRM Manager.

Further development of the CRM solution

Finstral started off with the introduction of the new CRM solution in Germany, as a major need was observed here to align the sales organisation with systematic market development. According to Dettori, there are already plans in place to extend the CRM solution to other business areas and to roll out the solution to subsidiaries in Switzerland, Austria and France, followed by all other European countries. A gradual integration of the marketing and service processes is also under consideration. This results in the development of an xRM platform in the Finstral enterprise, which can be used on a long-term basis as a “relationship management platform” by most of the various departments.

Project highlights

  • Mapping of lead, architect and dealer management (life cycle management) along with project business
  • Unification of the sales process in all strategic business fields

Business benefits

  • 360° view of customers and dealers
  • Central sales management
  • More professional customer support
  • Major time saving when preparing visits
  • Improved cooperation between the office and sales force
  • Perfect integration into the existing Microsoft infrastructure

About Finstral AG

Finstral, a company operating across Europe, manufactures custom-made windows, doors and conservatories and employs 1,450 people at 14 production plants. Several subsidiaries in Europe and an extensive dealer network present the window and door manufacturer with major challenges when it comes to customer and dealer relationship management (xRM). With the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Finstral achieved standardisation of the sales process in all strategic business areas of the group and the complete mapping of the dealer management and project business.

Sector: Manufacturing and sale of windows, door and conservatories
Branches: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Spain, France, the Netherlands
Employees: 1,450

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